The Best Time to Plan Your Luxury Travelling

The U.S. drives luxury tourism revenues in numerous countries around the world. Placing your bets on future travel to countries may open the door to the very best deals.
“If you know exactly what you want, you’d better jump on it now,” advises Paul Tumpowsky, founder and chief executive officer of high-tech travel consultancy Skylark, who forecasts that steep discounts will start to erode as borders reopen and airlines restore consumer confidence.
“While domestic flights have hit record lows over the past 12 months, including $198 roundtrip flights to Hawaii or Alaska [from west coast cities] and $120 roundtrip flights to the U.S. Virgin Islands,” says Scott Keyes, founder of Scott’s Cheap Flights, “International flights to countries currently closed to American tourists have actually gotten more expensive than they were pre-pandemic,” he added.
So as airlines boost routes to markets that are open  to U.S. travelers most prominently Florida, Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean surging in inventory translates to cheap fares, Keyes explains.
Tumpowsky agrees, citing Malliouhana, an Auberge Resort in Anguilla, can yield good values. The hotel is offering 20 days for the price of 10, or the fifth night free, with complimentary breakfast across the board. 
“It wouldn’t surprise me if people decide to do something really radically different this summer, like going to the Caribbean for a whole week,” he says. “Saint Barth is perennially popular in August because hotels are a third what they normally would be.”
Another place to look is Saint Lucia, an island country located in West Indies. Desperate to bump its economy, the country’s tourism board created an initiative called It’s Time for Saint Lucia, which implies hotel and villa rental offers of up to 65% off on a dedicated landing page.
Sarah Groen, a travel advisor with Bell and Bly Travel, says the opportunity to get a deal at a five-star hotel in the U.S. has long evaporated particularly when it comes to the breed of the resort that’s out socially distanced and quite private.
“Luxury dude ranches in the U.S., like Ranch at Rock Creek and Brush Creek Ranch, are pricer this year than in the past and are very close to being fully booked for the entire summer,” she says. “Other top hotels like Amangiri have continued to increase prices due to high demand as well.”