The Best Luxurious Places To Go For New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. People from all over the world wait for the moment when the clock strikes twelve to kiss their loved ones and wish their families and friends a year full of blessings. It provides the perfect opportunity to visit a new city and admire some of the finest firework displays around the world.

If you are looking for vibrant cities with spectacular fireworks displays, delicious food and extravagant celebrations then look no further. Here are the best Luxurious Places you can go to make sure you have the ultimate luxurious New Year’s Eve.


London is known for having some of the best festivities in the entire world during the holiday season, and New Year’s Eve is no exception to this. Around the city, there will be multiple parties and balls for you to enjoy. One of Europe’s most luxurious destinations, London becomes a city of celebration. Engulfed with fireworks, celebrations and parties, London is the place to be when the clock strikes twelve. From the moment Big Ben bongs midnight, the city erupts with one of the most famous fireworks displays in the world.

Best New Year's Eve holiday destinations

New York

New York City is known for its big parties and even bigger celebrations. In New York there are several top-tier venues here that have special VIP parties for people who want the pure luxury experience of celebrating the New Year. At 6pm, the Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball is raised to the top of the pole at One Times Square, beginning the cities festivities. Whilst over half a million people view this colossal celebration from the comfort of their own homes, why not experience the magic firsthand in the city that never sleeps.

Sydney, Australia

If you want to escape icy roads and frosted windows, travel to Sydney. It is an exciting and luxurious place to bring in the New Year. Commencing from 6pm, Sydney Harbour becomes illuminated with a variety of spectacular entertainment. The celebrations begin with an aerial display, followed by an age-old ritual of purification, fireworks displays, live performances at Sydney Opera House and light parades. There are multiple options to view the spectacular fireworks displayed over the Sydney Harbour.


When it comes to glitz & glamour, there is nowhere luxurious than Dubai. Burj Khalifa presents the biggest New Year’s Eve celebration in Dubai, featuring a spectacular light; laser and water show at midnight. Further down the city is an open-air space at Burj Plaza, offering an alternative view of the Burj Khalifa. Almost every venue in the city offers an exquisite experience, including New Year’s Eve dinners, parties and soireés. Dubai’s spectacular fireworks displays have made Dubai one of the top destinations.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong has one of the most vibrant New Year’s Eve celebrations in the world. Hong Kong begins their celebration in their Time’s Square where they also host a ball drop at midnight. Immediately after, Hong Kong’s firework shows lights up the night sky above the city’s skyline. With a complex presentation featuring lasers and LED displays, the fireworks are accompanied by live street performances from various famous performers. In a bid to provide luxury for its elite, this city does not disappoint.

 most extravagant places


The city of light offers one of the most colourful and exciting places to celebrate New Year’s Eve – complete with copious amounts of Champagne! In Paris, the celebrations begin by wishing each other Bonne Année and exchanging small kisses on the cheek. One of the most extravagant places to celebrate the New Year in Paris is The Champs-Elysée Grand Parade, which boasts an excellent view of the Eiffel Tower with a vibrant party scene. Alternatively, visit the Sacre Coeur Festivities for the most stunning panoramic views of the city. With Paris being the culinary capital of the world, there are a variety of luxurious restaurants for you to indulge.