The basics of writing a Thank You Note

Sending a Thank You Card is one of classiest etiquettes in modern society. Yes, there are multiple options starting from FaceTime, Facebook, to calling the person, but sending a card is the posh way to express your gratitude. This note might accompany your return gift, but it is as important as the gift itself. Here’s a simple guide to write a Thank You Card.

The basics of writing a Thank You note comprises of the three S’s. The note should be Simple, Sincere and Sent. On the other hand, the whole concept runs around three W’s; Who, What and When.

You can add customized image on your note or card.

First list out the persons you need to thank or honor. His or her taste would determine your choice and options to customize the card as well as the note. Get to know the interests or any favorite aspect of the person. Select the theme or color to match the personality. Remember, your idea is to make that person feel special for the help.

While writing the note, be sure of the spellings and the greetings. Although using “Dear” has been customary, but it actually depends to whom you are sending. It is not always your uncle, friend or your mom and dad, it might be also a colleague or your senior. Thus, only the name or any other respected greeting is enough. Rather than being confused over using “Dear” ahead of the name, be sure you spell the name correctly.

Thank You Notes are best when handwritten.

Since the note should be Simple and Sincere, start it straightforward. The note would contain not more than two sentences at most. Therefore, be crisp in expressing yourself. You may start with phrases like: Thank You very much, I am so grateful, etc. You may also add details of the gift and how you are planning to use it. The next is to mention when you are planning to see them next.

The note ends with a wrap up of the message, thanking again. This is the conclusion reminding your gratitude and thankfulness. The regards might end with words like sincerely or a highlight of the relationship.

Thank You notes are sent without delay. If you are thanking after an event like anniversary, birthday or marriage, the best time to send the notes within a month after the event.