The 5 basic types of Cigar

Everybody is aware of the fact that cigars come in different size and shape, but not every body is well informed that they actually have standard types with predefined dimension and shape. These facets make cigars a sophisticated matter for smokers. If you are into cigar, either you know the types or you are ready to know it now. Here are the six basic types of cigars.

Corona is the standard type of cigar with balanced shape, size and flavor. Courtesy: Jones Cigar Bar


The Coronas are considered as the golden standard of cigars. The length measures about 5.5 to 6 inches, while, the ring gauge is 42. They always come in flavor, accompanied with light smoke. This makes coronas the more preferred type of cigars for anybody. It is a good type of cigar to start with for new smokers. Compared to typical rough taste of cigars, coronas a light and smooth. An extended version of Corona is the Lonsdale. This type of cigar is lighter and more flavored. They are also longer than Corona and might extent up to 6.5 inches.

Panetela is a longer longer and slimmer type of cigar with fluctuating aroma and flavor.


Panetela cigars are longer and slimmer. They have a ring gauge of 34 to 38 and a typical length of more than 6 inches. Some of them are more than 7 inches, named as Gand Panetela. Being longer in size, this type of cigar takes up to 2 hours to smoke completely. Another specialty of this type is versality. They exhibit phases of smoke, with fluctuating aroma, flavor and texture.

Churchill is named after the British Prime Minister.


This type came up after Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister. It is a longer-range cigar with ring gauge of 47 to 50. It was the iconic cigar typed smoked by Churchill. The smoke it produces is thick and heavy, with a complex flavor. The extra inch on the Toro extents the time it takes to smoke this cigar.

Robusto is the shortest type of cigar with an average length of 5 inch.


They are shortest cigars measuring an average of 5 inches. The ring gauge is between 40 and 50. It is a special measure of the cigar size, its diameter. A ring is 1/64 of an inch in diameter and a 50-ring cigar will be 50/64 of an inch. A cigar with a ring gauge to 32 will have a diameter of half an inch. Ring gauge is an important attribute because it defines the construction and hence the experience of the cigar. Its measure depends on the country of origin of the cigar. Robustos has comparatively high ring gauge.

The tapered end is the typical feature of Belicoso cigar. Courtesy: Cigaropolis


Belicoso, in Spanish, means ‘warlike’. They have a typical shape with a sharp and tapered head. The ring gauge is between 48 to 54, making them 5 to 6.5 inches long. The shape makes this cigar good for only the experienced ones, while, for novice, it could be a bit hard to digest. It takes at least an hour to smoke a full Belicoso.

Cigar is a sign of complexity and high personal taste. Combining them with alcoholic drink like Cognac brings the best of enjoyment with taste and style. However, these habits should be followed only by people who are able enough to take the responsibility of sophistication.