The 3 Finest Pens That Hit The Market Lately

Over the past few years, Luxury pens have been increasingly sought after; those pens used only on special occasions or pens that sit on displays of pen collectors and luxury goods fans as a symbol of status and for the feeling of nostalgia for a time before the world went digital. High-end pens are growing in price which makes it a popular form of investment as well. In this article we present you the finest and expensive pensever sold.

A fine pen is a subtle status symbol. It is a style statement which can be used every day as an insignia of your personality and taste. While carrying a pen itself is a substantial habit, a fine designer pen does the talking about character in the loudest way. Among others, here are the top three Finest pens in India, which can be also among your rare collectibles. They represent the famous elements from history.

David Oscarson Russian Imperial

This pen is influenced by famous artworks from the Romanov dynasty. The Russian Empire reigned from 1613 to 1917. Henrik Wigstrom, Royal goldsmith from the court of Romanovs, crafted the Imperial Eggs, which was display of sheer opulence and lavishness of the Tsars. The David Oscarson Russian Imperial pen is created to exhibit the artistry of the Imperial Eggs.

The cap and barrel are colored with enamel. The body has intertwining double-leaf overlay, which is borrowed from the eggs. The cap also has the Double Eagle crest showcasing the dynasty’s mark. The nib is made of 14-karat gold. The years of the dynasty’s rule are minted on the middle of the pen on white enamel.

The fountain pen version of the pen costs USD 5,900, while the rollerballs are USD 5,700 each. The series will have limited number of pens in each color. The pens are available in ruby, emerald, sky blue and sapphire color. Marking the years of Tsar rule, 304 pieces of pen will be available in each color.

Montegrappa Samurai Pen Luxury Pens

Montegrappa Samurai

This pen is the latest model from Montegrappa, the pen maker from Italy. It is an extreme level of art blended with history, action figure and pen. A highly unconventional design, the pen is small statue of an armored Samurai warrior with a sword. The pieces of the detailed statue like the hands and armor are free moving. It is also clothed with some of the finest linens from Italy.

The pen is hidden under the upper part of the Samurai’s body. The upper portion can be removed as the cap of the pen revealing the fountain nib. The Katana with a sheath used as the stand of the pen can be also used as letter opener. Montegrappa has made only 177 Samurai pens in sterling silver. Each of this pen costs USD 15,000. The solid gold version will have only seven Samurai.

Visconti Casa Batlló Pen

Visconti Casa Batlló

This pen is made of either silver or gold. The designer pen is inspired by the building that goes by the same name. The building located at Barcelona is one of the most famous creation by Antoni Gaudi, who lived from 1852 to 1926. He is among the most renowned Catalan Modernism architect who designed some of the iconic buildings around the world.

Visconti Casa Batllo, the pen, has an exterior with intricate color and design. The curved shape of solid silver and gold patches resembles the exterior of the building. The coating is iridescent keeping a closeness with the dragon-scale roof tiling of the structure. The pen invokes the idea that inspired the design of the building. The clip of the pen resembles the lance of Saint George plunging into the dragon’s back.

Casa Batllo features three layers to create a fascinating visual effect. The tone of the base is either silvery or golden, it has a layer of acrylic on the middle and the final touch on the outer side is done with enamel. These effects create a three-dimensional feel on the pen. They are available in both fountain and rollerball types. The silver-built type costs USD 5,750 to USD 6,140, while, the gold version is up to USD 48,690.

Well, a pen might not be mightier than the sword, but it’s certainly more expensive. You’ll need a credit card with a very high credit limit if you’re hoping to purchase one of these expensive pens. These are some of the finest pens in India that you can choose from if you decide to have a luxury pen with you.