Ten Best (Most Expensive) Skin Care Solutions

We all struggle to find a right solution for our skin whether it’s summer or winters we need best skincare solution to restore water to the skin and to protect skin. Luckily, moisturizing milks, lotions, creams, emulsions and butters come to the rescue. The prices of these skincare creams differ from each other and the benefits and ingredients of the cream determine them. 

Here is the top 10 most expensive skin creams that are used for moisturizing, treating and hiding skin problems:

1. Cellcosmet Switzerland Ultimate Skincare Collection ($3000):  The skin cream is for face and body which restores the life force and radiance to devitalized skin. Results-driven, clinically proven treatments formulated with Active Stabilized Bio Integral Cells firm, lift, sculpt and define youthful contours, reversing the biological age of your skin. It is made in Switzerland.

2. Dior Beauty Limited Edition L’Or De Vie La Cure ($2,400): Limited-edition vintage La Cure offers a spectacular skin transformation in 3 months. A remarkable formula. The bottles adorned with gold thread and red wax seals.

3. Skin Celestial Black Diamond Cream ($2190): At a whopping $2190 per ounce (thereby blowing its competition right out of the water), 111Skin's face cream is about as high end as they come. The diamond powder is supposed to serve as an advanced delivery system for all the other ingredients, including collagen-stimulating centella asiatica extract, humectant hyaluronic acid, antioxidant vitamin E and more.

4. La Mer Crème de la Mer Moisturizing Cream ($2160): This is the most expensive face cream at Nordstrom. This luxuriously rich cream is formulated with Miracle Broth™, the brand’s legendary healing elixir that infuses the complexion with sea-sourced renewing energies and nutrients.

5. Tatcha Tabi Ultimate Journey Set at Barneys ($1,800): The ultimate luxury gift for the on-the-go beauty lover. The Tatcha Tabi Ultimate Journey Set features a calfskin suitcase, lined with gold brocade cloth cut from kimono material. Named for the Japanese word for “Journey,” to evoke a sense of adventure and excitement.

6. NEW Dior Prestige La Cure ($1,550): Dior Prestige has created miraculous skincare with unmatched powers: Dior Prestige La Cure. It is concentrated in a rare extract of ultimate freshness: Rose de Granville Oil.

7. La Prairie Cellular Cream Platinum Rare ($1200): The expensive cream costs $1200. Although it is not cheap, it is considered to be more affordable than the previous type of cream “La Creme”.

La Prairie's Cellular Cream consist Platinum the "most precious metal on earth" which is a priceless and has great effects. Contrary to popular belief, at $706 per ounce, it's not the most expensive or "over-priced" skin cream in the world.

8. Lancer Legacy Youth Treatment ($1,000): Made from "over 30 ingredients" that were then "engineered into 5 revolutionary complexes," this fancy-pants skin care cream does not mess around (and for roughly $588 per ounce, it certainly shouldn't). It's packed with a "peptide blend of advanced factors" (aka growth factors) as well as a potent cocktail of botanical extracts, ceramides, hyaluronic acids, antioxidants and even a macro-algae-derived compound designed to soften lines.

9. Amorepacific Prime Reserve Epidynamic Activating Program ($1200):

The Epidynamic Activating Program was formulated to provide a unique 3-step system custom developed for the skin’s 30-day cycle.

10. New 3Lab The Super Ampoules ($1,200): The Super Ampoules deliver superior brightening and lifting of the skin in an intensive one-month treatment. The luxurious formula utilizes the most advanced technology with powerful ingredients to effectively reduce fine lines and wrinkles, sagging, and uneven skin tone while improving the density and firmness.

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