Teen show up at prom in a Rolls-Royce covered in 4 million Swarovski crystals

Isha Sanah Akhtar is a sixteen-year-old who made an ineffable entrance to a prom which was an end-of-the-year celebration on 4th of July. Yes, this immediately flood your mind with the thoughts that how fancy are the proms getting with time? While the highest point of the school dances was all about a bottle of Panda blue Pops. Proms have come a long way since then, and now teens dedicate both their efforts and moment for their send-off celebrations. The attires comprises of high-end make-up, impeccable hairdos, and elegant gowns. Central High Blackburn School’s Isha Akhtar has raised the bar. She showed up to the prom at her school in Swarovski crystals-covered Rolls Royce worth four million, precisely.

  • Stealing the show

Isha dressed to impress and to don a grey-blue gown, and she stunned everybody on the two hundred sixty pounds outfit. She enlisted services of her personal camera crew worth three hundred pounds, for capturing her travel to the school prom. And, her getting ready in one of the most luxurious cars covered in Swarovski crystal. It is Isha’s uncle, who rendered luxury touches to this Phantom Rolls Royce (prices at USD 600,000).  Phantom Rolls Royce is a super luxury car owned by famous celebrities such as Kim Kardashian. Shiv Nadar and Amitabh Bachchan in India own a Rolls Royce Phantom. Amar Akbar, her father-figure uncle, came with her at the hotel of Dunkenhalgh in Clayton-Le-Moors at Lancs near Accrington.

Phantom Rolls Royce is a super car which has been made with measured precision and after careful consideration. The car’s new models are launched only in 15-16 years so you can imagine how rare it is to get hand on this super luxurious beauty. One of the cars owned by the Rajkot Royal family in 1934 (Phantom 2) was dubbed as the ‘Star of India’.  It is made for ultimate sophistication, luxury and ride quality. The engine for the car receives a major facelift in 2012 when it got the Series 2 Phantom.

  • An unforgettable treat from the loving Uncle

According to Isha, her uncle always wanted to present her something special. Hence, he prepared the best send-off for her from school. The plan was to make an exceptional entrance, and that did happen with a lot of pomp and show. Getting down from the Swarovski crystal car rolls Royce; Isha admitted that she had her spectacular red-carpet moment. According to her, the prom went terrific. And, the car, along with all that her family did, brought tears to her eyes. This ceremony is indeed going to be one of the best prom nights for her because it felt like a piece cut out from a fairytale.

  • Document every minute and second

While the crew with camera cost about three hundred pounds, for capturing her journey till the event, the rental charge for the car rolls Royce with Swarovski crystal, was five hundred pounds for fifteen minutes. Hence, everything was documented just the way she would have loved.

  • Make-up and hair to make her look like a princess

Isha’s make-up and hair for her school prom were all done by her dearest aunt, GhafoorRozana. On the other hand, the photography and choreography (yes, there were some expert dancing steps involved) were sorted by Gold Wings Studio’s Wahid Ahmed. As you can make out, it was the joint effort of many people that made Isha had her own Cinderella moment.

  • Acknowledgments and a step towards the brighter future

Now that she nailed her prom with panache, she has thanked every single person who stood beside her. Isha is expecting her GCSE results and plans to study A-levels at Blackburn’s St Mary’s College. She wishes to pursue science so that she can become a radiographer. It is overwhelming how Isha’s uncle made her feel special on the most important event of her life. And, turned out to be the rainbow in her cloud!