Tech billionaire Elon Musk drives Tesla Roadster into Space

Live-streaming of the Tesla Roadster in space.

It was an “extremely boring” idea to send steel molds or dummy weights as payloads in his latest SpaceX rocket for tech mogul Elon Musk. The result, a 2008 model red Tesla Roadster, is now floating somewhere in our near solar system. The live video of a slowing moving Tesla car with a spaceman mannequin against the backdrop of a magnificent big and blue earth is perhaps the greatest car advertisement of the era. The USD 100,000 priced car also set up a David Bowie soundtrack, ‘Star-man’, playing in loop.

Musk, after several attempts, successfully lunched the Falcon Heavy rocket and landed it back to his dockyard after installing the car in the space. The idea was to put the car into the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, but there was an overshoot in the trajectory of the rocket. The Roadster cruised for six hours, which was live-streamed by the company. Putting the car in space, Musk proved the lunching capabilities of the latest Falcon Heavy Rockets. This will open the opportunity to put heavy objects anywhere in the deep solar system and also in the near space surrounding the earth. Such venture would help in ideas such as asteroid mining.

Falcon Heavy rocket being lunched from SpaceX dockyard.

The special attribute of SpaceX rockets is the capability to land safely back on earth. This means, in future, technologies that can collect and bring materials from space can be developed. Several asteroid mining companies have already set up their blueprints into work, making the venture a futuristic industry. In earthly calculations, asteroid mining can be a game-changer generating business of trillion dollars.

Elon Musk does not want salary as the CEO of Tesla.

Falcon Heavy is now the largest rocket with a capacity to lift a greater mass than a 737 jetliner. The price of a single lunch service in the Falcon Heavy will be USD 90 million. Earlier, Elon Musk declared that his compensation package as the CEO of Tesla will be only in stock options. It means, he will get a remuneration only if Tesla earns adequate profit. If he can grow the company’s value of USD 59 billion to USD 650 billion, he would earn as stock award of USD 55 billion.