Sybaris, A Commitment To Romance And Pleasure

Sybaris is a chain of luxury resorts especially developed for couples.

Sybaris is a chain of luxury resorts in the US. These resorts are special attractions as the most romantic destinations for couples. For the array of special attributes and facilities, the Sybaris resorts are known as the most romantic resorts in the States. The company opened their first resort in December 1974 with the first establishment in Illinois at Downers Grove. Now after more than four decades, Sybaris further made inroads to four other locations. In Illinois, two more resorts grew up at Northbrook and Frankfort. Other two resorts opened up in Mequon of Wisconsin and Indianapolis of Indiana. The Chain of romantic luxury resorts was founded by Ken Knudson.

In October 2015 International Restaurant and Hospitality Bureau voted the Pool Suites of Sybaris as the “Most Romantic Place”. The suites were conferred the International Award of Excellence as the Best Romantic Getaway in the United States. Per reports, the suites scored exceptionally high points on every evaluation.

Ken Knudson founded Sybaris in 1974 opening the first resort at Downers Grove of Illinois.

The story of Sybaris began back in 1974, when Ken Knudson and his wife was out on a vacation. The couple saw a bedroom set, which was romantic enough to make them install it at their home. After they had it at home all their friends and family wished if they had such a set up somewhere far away from their kids and in-laws. An isolated and serene location is a dream for every couple, who wants to spent quality time away from family and children. This is where the idea of Sybaris began. The idea to develop a location specially for couples far away from their homes struck the couple right at that moment. Within 24 hours they got ready with the plan to buy a property at a secluded and beautiful location. They developed the property with as many amenities that could satisfy couple and lovers together.

The name Sybaris came from the ancient city from 500BC in South Italy. This city was devoted to luxury and sensual pleasure. In fact, the phrase, “bed of roses” came from the practices and customs in this city. In ancient Sybaris, beds of couples were decorated with petals of roses. Sybaris resorts were developed with the same concept to offer all the luxuries to couples. The first hotel was built to offer a private experience of luxury to couples. The resort is best described as an “oasis of privacy” with no windows and no phones, and as “a special place dedicated to enhancement of romantic marriage.” Also read, 10 Unexpected Luxury Wedding Venues.

romantic destinations for couples

Presently, there are five Sybaris resort offering 120 suites with luxury amenities.

The first resort at Downers Grove of Illinois got a massive response from luxury seekers. There was a huge demand of such amenities, which led to its expansion of the second Sybaris resort in Northbrook. It was developed a full fledge resort expanded over an area of 5.5 acres. Now, the Northbrook Sybaris is considered as one of the best among all locations. It is also the largest with 38 private cottages. Sybaris Suites has their own set of unique amenities including waterfalls, fireplace, swimming pool and steam rooms. These suites are with customized set of facilities as per requests of visitors.

Gradually, Sybaris expanded to several locations. In 1992, the Mequon location was opened, while in the following year, Frankfort too had its resort. The latest development was in 1998, when Sybaris entered Indianapolis. At present, Sybaris has more than 120 suites across all its five locations. Per records, around 50,000 couples travel each year in these suites. They now offer seven types of suites featuring different amenities and comfort. An overnight stay in Sybaris Suite starts from US$179 to US$599. These suites are available also for couple of hours to multiple nights.