Svart of Norway World’s First Powerhouse Hotel Set To Open in 2021

‘Svart’ means ‘black’ in Norwegian language. The Svart Hotel is a tribute to deep blue ice of Svartisen.

Yes, it is possible to create a commercial resort with all modern amenities without being connected to any power grid. Such architectural and technical marvels are futuristic enough to bring a transformation in the approach towards power production, consumption and sustainable development. The Svart hotel is emerging as a beacon in sustainable architecture and energy utility. The hotel is being developed by Snohetta, an internationally acclaimed architecture and design firm. The objective of this development is novel. The project will substantial that it is possible to design energy efficient and self-sufficient buildings even in the remotest corners of the world.

Norway is a step ahead innovations, especially in sustainable development and renewable energy. The Svart hotel is located at the foot of Svartisen glacier, south of Bodo in Northern Norway. It is developed with a long-term goal, keeping in view the shrinking glaciers and global warming. Svartisen Glacier is deep and there is no possibility of abrupt extinction in near future. Eventually, this remote glacier will become a popular tourist destination. Moreover, the area being remote, offers a plethora of experiences with nature. Tourist will experience activities such as glacier hiking and boating.

The prime attraction of the hotel as an energy efficient building. It will consume 85% less energy than any modern hotel in the world. It is completely sustainable, harvesting its own energy. The building will act as a powerhouse, which will produce more clear and renewable energy throughout its lifecycle than it will consume during construction, operation and eventually demolition. With this concept at play, the hotel will change the perception of travel and luxury destination in the most remote corners of the world.

The luxury statement at Svart hotel is about experiencing nature as it is. The hotel will offer visitors the chills of snow at the foot of a large glacier, the silence of woods, icy mountain and the Arctic ocean. The hotel is set to be an iconic experience to be with nature and the luxury to enjoy it in the purest form. The hotel will start operating from 2021. Snohetta is reputed in building energy efficient structures, which they call Powerhouse. They have developed such buildings in Kjorbo, Telemark and the Drobak of Norway.