Standard thumb-rules to drink Champagne

Every drink has their own flavor defining the best way to consume. This makes them special, being associated with specific way of serving and tasting. Champagne is among the most popular classy drinks, which, many thinks, is only suitable only for special occasions. However, there are no rules that it is appropriate only for some particular events. Champagne can be a complicated ensemble for persons not regular with it. The packaging, pouring and selecting a combination of snacks are aspects to know beforehand.

What glass to use?

White wine glass is the best choice to pour champagne into. The shape of this glass lets aroma to open up from the drink. Although, traditional champagne glasses are flute shaped that lets the steam of bubbles to show up, such glasses strangulate the aromas. Still, they are the most preferred. Don’t drink champagne in wide mouthed glasses for whiskeys or coupe glasses, they are just opposed to characteristics of this drink. This type of glass would let both bubbles and flavors escape too quickly.

Opening a Champagne bottle can be tricky

Champagne is packed tightly as it exerts pressure from inside the bottle. The bottles are typically intact with the cork firmly with a metal wire or cage. It restricts the cork from flying away while opening the bottle. If the bottle is not opened with care, the cork might end up hurting someone while, spilling the drink all over. While opening, press the cork firmly and untwist the wire.

As the wire loosen, hold the cork and cage together with one hand while holding the base of the bottle with the other. If you are left handed, hold the base with the left hand. Now twist the base slowly away from the cork holding the cage tightly above. As you do it, the cork should come out slowly by itself as you rotate the bottle. Control the whole process until a little drink fizzes out from the neck as the cork is removed completely.

Pouring Champagne is an art

Champaign is served cold. An ideal temperature is from 8 to 10 degrees. Warming up exposes the aroma leaving it flavorless. Pour the drink filling the glass not more than to one-third of it. While pouring, incline the glass at an angle and let the drink flow down the side of the bottle. Don’t let bubble to fizz much, allow to froth inside the glass, reaching the top. Holding the bottle on the base while pouring is classy.

Drink Champagne like a royalty

Always drink Champagne holding the stem of the glass. If you hold the glass by its bowl, the drink would warm faster. Holding the glass by its stem does not only look classy, but also it has reason. Drink sip by sip, because drinking faster will create bubbles that might choke your nose. Better let those bubbles to flow down into your intestine. Always drink champagne slowly to avoid any choking due to those bubbles.

What’s the best snacks with Champagne?

Champagne can be paired with anything, but salty, fatty and oily snacks offer a delicious combination. Foods like oysters and caviar are best, while fried truffles can create an elegant treat. It can be also paired with fried chicken or lobsters. In a nutshell, any fish, meat, vegetables or risottos can pair perfectly with Champagne. Also, it is also a good drink to pair with dinner.