Spacetime: A New Time Travel Meditation Pod

The meditation industry is booming—particularly in the COVID-era. OpenSeed introduces spacetime, a new time travel meditation pod, 50-square-foot, womb-like environment that shuts you off from the outside world and transports you to your happy place at the touch of a few buttons. The egg-shaped pod is paired with an audio experience the user can set through the built-in tablet, with the options being: Relax, Energize, DayDream, Meditate in silence, or Listen to music. They’ve partnered with various artists to create original sounds, along with offering playlists on Spotify.

Inside, the pod is decked out with a circular bench to sit on, which is surrounded by a backrest with integrated LED lights that help alter the mood.

OpenSeed meditation pods are designed to provide moments of calm at home, in the workplace and other high-traffic locations, and create environments that are supportive of mindfulness and meditation practices. By integrating sound, guided meditations, essential oils, and calming lights, these tech-powered capsules facilitate access to higher states of awareness, where creativity flows and productivity peaks.

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Research has also shown that meditating in OpenSeed pods significantly increases the effectiveness of meditation, and amplifies its benefits. A study conducted in Japan, supervised by Dr. Michihito Sugawara, neurosurgeon and director of Sugawara Neurosurgery Clinic, tested 30 subjects over a period of three weeks and found that isolated and controlled environments have great potential to quickly and effectively quiet the mind, reduce stress and enhance peak performance.

OpenSeed meditation pod features:

All OpenSeed meditation pods include the following state-of-the-art features:

·      Built-in Touchscreen

·      Light Therapy

·      Aromatherapy

·      Immersive Audio

·      Noise Cancelling Headphones

·      Ergonomic and Adjustable Seating

·      Air Circulation

·      Sound Isolating Shell

·      Group Sessions

The new Time Travel model will boast:

·      A Pearl, Iridescent Exterior Finish

·      Ultraviolet Lights with Sanitizing Properties

·      Time Travel-Inspired Soundscapes

·      Time Travel-Inspired Light Therapy

·      Unique Aromatherapy Blends

The pods, which can seat up to three meditators, block out most external noise and are equipped with three sets of noise-canceling headphones. There’s also built-in Wi-Fi for booking through the accompanying app. The user can customize temperatures and their selection of amenities via the touchscreen of a tablet and choose from speaker sound or headphones. A UV light can be installed to disinfect the pod within 45 seconds.

It is made using plywood and felt and is currently available in two versions – a standard variant priced at $25,000 and a premium variant with an advanced sound package priced at $27,000. The exclusive meditation pods can be purchased online via OpenSeed’s official webpage.