Sherwani: An Essential of Indian Groom’s Dress

India is a colorful nation, augmented with color of its dress and types. The diversity in style and traditional fashion in India can make anyone to drop their jaws. In most of Northern parts of India, a classy men’s wear called “Sherwani” has found a special place in style statement. This dress is featured in special occasion like marriage. Sherwani can be considered as the official bridal dress for grooms in Northern States of India like Rajasthan, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu and Delhi.

Sherwanis have a code of aristocracy ingrained on them originating within the royalty of North India. This is also a popular dress in whole in Indian subcontinent including Bangladesh and Pakistan. Modern Sherwanis are not found with any specific set of designs, being diluted in hands of designers. In market there are uncountable variants. However, there are only a handful of contrasting designs that stand traditionally.

Also, the geographic facet of design origin plays a major role in diversity and classification of this dress. Despite subtle confrontation and overlapping of design motives in modern sherwanis, the traditional ones can be classified according to specific traits. Here we have listed four distinct types: Chipkan, Achkan, Angrakha and Jodhpuri.

Chipkan Sherwani flaunts Mughal era design motives like zari and stone works.

Chipkan Sherwani has origins dating back to Mughal era. It features sleeveless long jacket and frock like attire, embellished with Mughal design motives. This type has intricate zari and stone works integrated to silk fabric. The intricacies of this sherwani type is reflected in the labor-intensive process of extensive craftmanship.

Gota or badla embroidery is a primary feature of Achkan Sherwani

Achkan Sherwani is a popular type. This style originated in early India of 2nd century BC used exclusively by nobles and royals. A prime feature of this type is the waist band, which is used to keep the entire dress in proper setting. Another important aspect of this dress is its integral pair up with dhoti and churidar. Achkan Sherwani features ethnic embroideries like ‘gota’ and ‘badla’. Depending on location, its embroidery handwork might differ. This is the most common attire for grooms as well as for any festive occasion.

Jodhpuri Sherwani can be paired with western attires like trousers and even coats.

Jodhpuri originated in the state of Jodhpur, India. It features western style and design as it came to prominence during the British period. It is paired with trousers, vests or even coats. The primary aspect of this dress is the blend of western design and Indian embroidery motives.