Richard Bransons Call for a Trip to Space

British billionaire Richard Branson poses in front of a model of the Virgin Galactic width= Richard Branson’s call for a trip to space has moonstruck celebrities and billionaires lately. More than 700 people, a lists that include Hollywood’s Angelina-Brad duo, Leonardo DiCaprio and the great Stephen Hawking, now await for their turns for the trip. A Virgin Galatic space flight ticket costs USD 250,000. The dream is therefore, reserved for the mega wealthy only. Virgin Galatic is the brain child of business mogul Sir Richard Branson. The Space Ship is a winged rocket plane. The recent version of the commercial space ship is the successor of SpaceShipOne and is named SpaceShipTwo. The previous version won the Ansari X Prize award in 2004, which is a rare prestige in the industry.
 SpaceShipTwo features an innovative design called Feathering System. The ship is with two tail-like projection to the rear end. These wings help to stabilize and slow the structure as it enters the atmosphere. The spacecraft is maneuvered by two pilots and each trip can carry a maximum of only six passengers. Space travelers can move up to 100 Kilometers or 62 miles out into the void. The Galatic has enough rooms for ‘Space Floating’ that will be experienced by voyagers. The main carrier will be launched by a twin aircraft at about 50,000 feet into the space.
thumbnail As highlighted by Branson, compared to this competitors in the space race, the Galatic has the capability to re-enter earth’s atmosphere and lands the ground on wheels. The first test in 2014, however, went wrong as a copilot unlocked the ship before time. The completely tested and the new Ship will take off from Spaceport America in New Mexico.
5106cd146619e Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are other two tech magnets who is on the race to dominate Space Tourism. Musk’s Space X and Bezos’ Blue Origin has created much fuss in the industry. Furthermore XCOR Aerospace and World Views are also worthy contenders coming up with more innovations. A space travel is a lifetime experience that is only dreamt by most people. Companies and persons who are capable to think and materialize these milestones of human civilization are naturally the premiers of the race. As of now, space tours it is a cup of tea for only the Uber rich, the rest can wait for centuries.