Renault EZ-ULTIMO, The All-electric, Automatic Car Redefining Luxury

Renault EZ-ULTIMO is developed to offer a "premium travel experience."

Renault lately took the definition of autonomous vehicles to next level. The EZ-ULTIMO was definitely the show stopper at the Paris Auto Show. It was unveiled as the latest package of luxury and style, redefining the idea of Robotic Electric Vehicles. In here, it should be noted that Renault has been presenting its autonomous car concepts per utility. Previously, the car company came up with two models targeting general transportation of people as well as goods. The EZ-GO and EZ-PRO were integrated with a bit of luxury and style, as they were focused primarily on technology and capacity. The latest EZ-ULTIMO focusses more on the design and luxury part apart from technology. This car is developed to offer a “premium travel experience.”

EZ-ULTIMO is an all-electric luxury car. This autonomous vehicle is connected via GPS technology. Per Renault, the vehicle can be booked and its route are set via the smartphone app. The car is equipped with level 4 self-driving capability. It is built with the same technology featured in the previous two EZ-vehicles. The charging mechanism is wireless, bringing the next gen aspect to electric vehicles. The car is developed as a futuristic model featuring 5G connectivity. As an autonomous car, it has loads of sensors including driving cameras, radar and LiDAR cameras. The sensors are placed inside discreet boxes around the corners of the car. This car has a range of 498.89 km in a single charge.

The new Renault EZ-Ultimo has a range of about 500 km.

This car has a front-wheel drive. The design of the car is made such that the fairings almost touch the ground. When it senses bumps, the suspension is activated and the car automatically raises. Although not disclosed so far, the car has high speed and it has two side wings to improve its aerodynamics. It is a large vehicle, measuring a whopping 19 feet from rear to front end. The futuristic alien like design justifies its shape and size. Renault made a serious effort to being out an expressive design in EZ-ULTIMO. This car is simply not comparable with existing models of any electric as well as autonomous vehicles.

A unique aspect of this car is its adaptability to conditions. The car can function in several settings without any driver. Renault claimed that this car can adapt automatically to external environments with diverse speed in different roads as well as surroundings. The car also features a new technology called Augmented Editorial Experience (AEX). This technology curate content for passengers as per their preferences.

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The Interior of the car features extensive luxury and contemporary design.

The style concept of EZ-ULTIMO include opaque feature from outside. It provides complete privacy for guests inside. It has on-way mirror over its exterior, that allows viewing only from inside. Renault has featured privacy as one of the primary aspects of this car. The design element includes changing colors of the car as it moves. Per Renault, the car appears to be black at first sight, but as it approaches near, it looks sparkling green or white. While moving, the appearance of the car changes making it look alive.

UZ-ULTIMO has a magnificent interior. The surfaces are made of real marble, wood paneling and leather upholstery. The car has dimmer knobs and extravagant lighting system that offers a feel of room interior rather than that of a car. The car as seating arrangement only for three people. There’s a swiveling armchair and a bench seat facing it inside the car without any partition or pillar. The roof of the car is made of segmented glass panels. The windows are cladded with lattice structure that lets passengers to view outside. The car is inspired by contemporary architecture matching with that of futuristic smart cities. Per Renault, this concept car is an entry to a “new exciting era in automotive design.”

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The Ultimo might hit the market by 2022, but test drives are expected soon.

Renault is focusing on a model of luxury travel and automobile in future. The company is not focusing on individual ownership. This car will be available to ride on-demand lasting from an hour to a day. The car manufacturer envisions EZ-ULTIMO as a “first-class lounge” offered by airlines, hotels and resorts as a guest transportation service. This car will be used in the ultra-luxury section of services. Per Renault, it would offer “a unique luxurious experience aboard a robo-vehicle that can be adapted depending on the service provider.” These cars could in market by 2022, but they will be available for trail by the end of 2018. However, they will be with drivers for safety reasons.