Remember Melania’s blue Tiffany box? It had a “lovely frame” for Michelle Obama

When it comes to the POTUS, the calls of protocols are louder than any gesture, motion or emotion. Even if the President and the first lady can set aside politics and let informality in for a moment, they cannot do away with the set of protocols. These rules meant for the chair of responsibility they hold. However, protocols are being followed since ages and they are also being broken many a times. One of such instance happened when Barrack Obama handed the most powerful office of the world to Donald Trump.

It was in the inauguration day ceremony of President Trump. This day is many written and unwritten protocols. There are both formal and informal rules, which are being followed by the Presidents of the states. For example, walking side by side with the First Lady has been an informal protocol for Presidents so far. It is because, all presidents including George Bush, Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama, did walk in the same way.

Image Text 1: Former First Lady Michelle Obama did not know what to do with that gift at the moment.

However, president Donald Trump did it the other way. There are reports that, Donald Trump is the only president in US history who did not escort his wife up on the White House steps on the Inauguration Day. In the day, Trump was seeing walking ahead, while his wife, Melania walked following him. This was not as per general protocols, but there was another case as well. Melania Trump was carrying a gift, a blue Tiffany box as a gift for Michelle Obama. Although, it was a heartwarming thing to do, protocols do not allow it.

Image Text 2: The lovely gesture between two First Ladies, but again, it is all about protocols.

There were many speculations about what might be inside that Tiffany box, and it was only recently that Michelle Obama disclosed what she received as a gift. It was a “lovely frame”, she disclosed. In an interview aired in the first week of February 2018, the former first lady described the whole incident. She didn’t actually know what to do with the gift. She explained, there are protocols for everything and she was confused about the gift. It was this moment when President Obama intervened and took the box inside the White House. Else, the official photo session could have gone glitchy with that gift.