Religious practice of Yoga can stop ageing: Payal Gidwani

Image Text 1: Payal Gidwani is the professional yoga trainer of several top Bollywood celebrities.

What Payal Gidwani thinks about having a toned body is not only a desire for women, but also a longing for men, particularly in times where obesity is on rise throughout the globe. Gidwani is the person who shaped up Kareena Kapoor into her super-fit physique. The most notable yoga instructor in Bollywood, she has also authored books on fitness. Gidwani is the fitness mentor to Jacqueline Fernandez, Malaika Arora, Rani Mukherjee, Farah Khan and Saif Ali Khan. She is the CEO of Cosmic Fusion wellness studio, the high-end fitness training center based in Mumbai.

In a recent interview to a top lifestyle magazine, Mrs. Gidwani opened up on her viewpoint on yoga. He believes that Yoga is a way of life and even breathing comprises a part of yoga. She termed it as her ‘eternal journey’, willing to explore it more even when she would be on her death bed. The certified Yoga instructor spoke about the extensive impact of yoga on ageing. She said, this is the only reason behind the agelessness of celebrity like Sridevi. Gidwani claimed, regular yoga can make a person look 10 years younger. She also claimed, if yoga is practiced ‘religiously’ ageing can really stop altogether.

Image Text 3: The ageless Sridevi: Per Gidwani, yoga is the secret behind her fitness.

Speaking about the technicalities of being fit, the celebrity trainer said the butt and abdomen portion are affected the most. These two areas are also the key to fitness and to shape the body. While there is a common trend of dieting and fasting to remain in shape, yoga can relive people from such tedious process.

Gidwani explained, daily activities like walking, climbing stairs, squat to lift something or bending over to pick something can help to people to be on shape. Per Gidwani, healthy diet and nutrition is more important than dieting or fasting altogether. Speaking about specific ‘asanas’, Gidwani mentioned Utkatasana, Tadasana and Shalabhasana as particularly helpful.

Image Text 2: Mrs. Gidwani with her husband and son.