As things stand, the demand for face masks is likely to remain high until a vaccine is ready for the highly-contagious coronavirus, others without this know-how are doing their part to ensure that the general population has dope-looking face coverings so that fashion victim numbers are kept to a minimum too. Enter Jacob & Co. with a fashionable alternative that has Billy Porter’s name written all over it. Perhaps a little too rich for the masses, this facial chandelier has been named The Diamond Face Mask. It is designed like a mesh rib, all in white gold set with 3’040 diamonds! With a weight of 1,569 kg, it could indeed be used in medieval duels for wealthy knights. Jacob & Co was inspired by the pattern of a medical mask. The supple and silky mesh naturally follows the shape of the face. However, it is unclear whether the ornate mask is in compliance with medical standards and many have questioned on social media whether it is just mere extravagance for the megarich to flaunt their wealth or it is a genuine accessory used to protect themselves against the virus.

Less pricey—but no less dazzling—is a new mask from celebrity and custom jeweler Jacob & Co., which is going for $250,000.

“Jacob & Co. has often reimagined everyday items in extraordinary ways—a dress, lingerie, hair accessories, neckties, gloves, and now the ubiquitous face mask,” says the brand’s head of content, Keith Strandberg. “Now that everyone around the world has to wear one, Jacob Arabo, our founder, decided to add sparkle and elegance to what has become a part of our everyday lives. We need to appreciate every moment today, and we think that the Diamond Face Mask is a way to escape the ordinary world and revel in extravagance.”