Rare 1987 Vinyl Record by Prince breaks record at Discogs

Just after a record breaking sale of a sophomore album, Discogs witnessed another big hit of the year. In contrast to David Bowie’s album sold for USD 6,826, the new record has set the record to a whopping USD 15,000. The lofty amount is bagged by a rare vinyl record by Prince. The album labeled as “The Black Album” was released in 1987. With the sold price tag, now, it is the most expensive record ever sold on Discogs. The album has a good history. The Black Album was set to release in 1987, but the star made the choice to release LoveSexy in the last minute. However, even if the release was halted, the copies were already sent to some clubs and media houses. Prince recalled the promo copies and demanded to destroy each of them. Later in 1994, the album was released by Warner Brothers.

The company recalled all the older copies in exchange to the new copies released legally all for free. The advertisement was on the Billboard as an “amnesty” to those who had the illegal promo copies. The present copy is the 12’’ promo version that survived the early order to destroy. The copy of The Black Album was sold the next day, after the artist died on 21 st April 2016. It was originally titled as The Funk Bible. It is one of the very few copies that survived. Prince Roger Nelson was an innovator in the world of western music. He is famous for his work on electric guitar and flamboyant stage shows. The wide variety of genres ranging from funk, psychedelic, soul and pop under his styles also made him an icon in western music. He is one of the best selling artists with more than 100 million of his records sold worldwide. Five Grammy Awards, six Golden Globe Awards and an Academy Award add to his milestones.