Planning a Cruise Holiday: Here are 10 ways to make the Most out of it

Your own WORLD is just waiting to be discovered. Be a pampered guest of what luxury and curiosity can offer at its best. Cruise holidays are, in true meaning, an extension of everything that a person in search of true calm, tranquility, and serenity is set out for. Your endeavor for your cruise holiday can get you the most out of it. Here are 10 amazing things that you should keep in attention in a cruise holiday to enhance both your onboard experiences and offshore expeditions. Do not wish to Carry More It is wise to pack sparingly while on a cruise vacation. You need to be extra selective, if you are moving with a small cruise. The baggage you carry count for the Gross Register Tonnage (GRT) and it is measured differently for small cruises, which means you would end up paying more for heavier bags. Get your Power Backup Many smaller cruises cut the shipboard power during nights. Hence, if you are travelling with a small crowd of electronic gadgets, it is good to enquire about the energy situation aboard your ship. The best is to carry a solar charger that will ensure endless backup to power your gadgets up. Order Room Service Usually, all the meals and room services are included in most cruise prices. However, if you do not wish to leave your stateroom for a particular meal, order room service so that you can enjoy your meal laying on the bed. Dress Casual Though no one would wear a baseball cap while cruising, the notion of ‘Casual Attire’ is subjective. Wearing polo shirts and khakis define a perfectly casual attire on a luxury cruise ship. Experience the Local Shore excursion and port town touring are default during cruising. If you do not go judiciously, it can make a big hole on your wallet. To get the best experience, explore independently and be in the lookout for authentic, local experiences. It is not the sea and the ship alone; you will miss the real essence of cruise holiday, as a destination can be experienced better through its people. Carry few Backup Accessories For a relatively longer holiday on cold-weather cruises, it pays to carry backup of certain accessories. An extra pair of glove can come handy when your primary pair is lost or gets wet. Your expedition operation team would never stop you carries such important backup accessories. No-Kids Policy Important to know for family travelers that some smaller cruise ships discourage child travelers. Some cruise operators even go far to prohibit passengers, who are under 18 years of age. Get the Shots The cruise that you will aboard passes through different weather conditions and different geographies. There are greater risk of catching the viruses and diseases associated with a particular area. Your immune system may not be well equipped to fight them. However, why should one take the risk to fight them at all? Don’t take a Chance when Sick Immediately inform the cruise staff, if you have become sick while cruising. Do not be shy about taking motion-sickness medicines or wearing the motion-sickness wristbands. Tip them well It is both customary and expected that you tip the cabin steward. The cabin steward single handedly finishes the task as the valet, bellhop, room service delivery person, and butler. A little motivation helps the man to get the best service.