Pauline Deltour endows Cire Trudon’s signature fragrance with Urbane design

Pauline Deltour crashed into the perfume market with her design making a new benchmark in the
sector. Now her design portfolio added another star, with the Perfume bottles for Cire Trudon. This is
the first instance when Deltour ventured her design finesse into perfumes. However, it is only next to
her collaborative works with Cire Trudon, bringing out a contemporary home fragrance diffuser and a
candle-snuffing tool.
Lending her hand to make a big difference, Deltour thinks now she is well acquainted with the standards
of the heritage brand. She believes creating the previous products for the Luxury Candlemaker ‘made it
much easier’ to understand ‘what they want.’ The French designer has been with Cire Trudon since
2015. Her collaboration with the brand helped her to understand the ‘long history and candle-making
expertise.’ Her contribution is an integral part of Trudon’s revamp in visual identity. Cire Trudon has
been modernizing its visual identity that dates to a 450 years old heritage.
In her latest venture, Deltour designed the bottles for five fragrances created by Lyn Harris, Antoine Lie,
and Yann Vasnier. Per Julien Pruvost, Creative director of Cire Trudon, these genderless colognes are
with the themes of Royalty, Religion, and Revolution, which evoke the characters of Kings,
Parliamentarians, and the Proletariat. The perfumes are said to be rooted in the centuries old heritage
of Trudon, while being ‘modern and subversive’.
Per Deltour, Trudon wanted the designs to be something that could have been for 400 years, but was
made only yesterday. Her approach to the design was to dig into the mood of historical and
contemporary colored glass references. Her team started with arrays of details like the reflection of the
sticker and the texture of the screw top. Such rigor is a step ahead in the glass bottle industry. Deltour
compared her designing of glass bottles to designing of watch. She endows the precision of weight,
volume, and transparency in glasses for the feel and experience of the material inside.
The new Cire Trudon fragrance bottles are simple yet the level of sophistication in design is apparent
fairly. Per Deltour, the designs are more complex than her previous two compositions. The cap is with
Trudon’s signature pine-green hue finished in textured rippled glass. Deltour said, the perfumes along
with the bottles is something one can admire every day.