Ortaea Uses Mozambique Rubies It’s New Collection

One of the most stunning and glowing stones found on earth is ruby, which is a stone best known for its outstanding color. Apart from being the birthstone of July, rubies have also been related to career success and prolonged existence. With all of these features, one cannot help but feel overjoyed at the sight of a ruby. 

The most popular one now is the latest collection of Mozambique Rubie, a stone that outshines all the other rubies in terms of brilliance, size, and color. What makes this ruby tremendously unique is its silk inclusions, increasing the rarity and net worth of the stone. Jewelry designer Ortaea is using the Mozambique rubies in their new ruby jewelry set which sees a melodious blend between diamonds and rubies.

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  • About Mozambique ruby and its benefits

Mozambique ruby is a premium variety of ruby gemstone, resourced from Mozambique area of Africa. Owing to its dazzling red tone and high precision, Mozambique ruby is more valuable than other rubies found in other African mines. According to Vedic astrology, Mozambique ruby offers several benefits.

  • Mozambique Ruby Quality

This gemstone, at present, is dominating the market for quite a few reasons such as its size, color, brilliance, and lack of thermal enhancement. Gem traders often find out the quality of Mozambique ruby by assessing its Cut, Clarity, and Color.    

  • Cut –A skillfully faceted Mozambique ruby appears clearer, brighter and more lustrous. On the other hand, a poorly faceted stone appears dull and also loses its color.
  • Color- Rubies from this deposit are usually medium to dark red in color. Mozambique ruby stones have an iron element that brings the color a little purplish-red with weak to a medium florescence.
  • Clarity- Mozambique ruby mostly contains silk inclusions and these are not visible from naked eyes but affect the transparency or crystal-like appearance of the stone. Hence, clean Mozambique rubies are less popular and more expensive.
  • Some of the Mozambique Ruby benefits are mentioned below:
  • Enhances Paternal Relationships: Astrologers deeply believe that wearing a natural Mozambique ruby advantages the health of native’s father and can also be sported to develop weakened conditions as well.
  • Enhances Academic & Professional Progress:  As per Vedic astrology, wearing an excellent quality Mozambique ruby advantages individual to stay alert and thus attain their objectives in a well-timed fashion. It is also believed to be a valuable stone for students preparing for competitive exams.
  • Cures Heart, Eyes & Bone diseases: Sun is considered as the karaka of health in Vedic astrology. Thus, it is believed that a superior quality ruby from Mozambique bears some great healing abilities and is regarded useful for native’s bones, eyes and heart.
  • Improves Financial & Social Status: Astrologers think that Mozambique ruby gemstone helps people suffering from critical financial issues. It is also advantageous in maintaining the wearer’s regal and lavish lifestyle.

Apart from this, Mozambique rubies increase energy level, stimulate love and passion and dispel negativity. They protect from evil effects and inspire hope, thus bringing happiness and joy in one’s life. So, if you want to enhance your growth, then look for the new collection of Mozambique ruby as it is known to promote power and alleviate anxiety and anger.