Origin location is important to choose the right Red Wine

Region of origin is an important factor because it determines the taste of a red wine.

Red Wine is one of the most popular drinks across the globe. It has an identity of standard attached, being considered as a drink for special occasion, although, it is also a dinner drink for many. Apart from health-related aspects of this wine, it is considered as a sophisticated and classy option. This fact calls for a basic know how to enjoy red wine to the fullest. There is a wide variety of red wines and each of them is with contrasting uniqueness. However, the general features and standard practices associated with red wines are common to all.

As there are different varieties of red wine, choosing the best blend to suite your need requires a slight knowledge of reading the label. The label in the bottle has many information that defines the blend and taste of the wine. More importantly, label denotes the place of origin of the wine, which itself is among the biggest factor.

Wine from colder regions are lighter, while those from warmer region are generally with strong flavor.

As far as place of origin is concerned, red wines can be classified broadly into those coming from colder climate and those from warmer. Places like Germany, Chile, Northern Italy, northern French and Pacific Northwest region of US are on colder climatic zones. Wines from such places are lighter and are sweeter in taste. In contrast, red wines from warmer climatic areas such as Argentina, California and Southern French, are heavier or full-bodied. Such red wines are ripe and has intense flavor.

The taste of the wine depends on the grapes used to prepare it. On the other hand, grapes can of unique taste depending on the climatic condition and the type of soil. Thus, location and origin of the wine is an important factor to know its taste.

The origin of wine will be defined under the Region tag in a label. Region indicates the area where the grapes for the wine is cultivated. It reads out the name of a specific vineyard site. In some, both the larger area as well as the specific area is written, while on others, only the specific area will be indicated within quotations. Labels will more specific locations or vineyards are generally higher on price.