Omega Watches Presents 18 Original Masterpieces Bearing Movements From 1913

Omega rolled out only 18 pieces of the limited edition of its 1913 Wrist-Chronograph. Courtesy: Omega

Omega, the Swiss matchmaker, presented a limited edition of Omega Wrist-Chronograph recently. The collection contains only 18 timepieces with the original chronograph movement from 1913. Each of these watches is priced at USD 120,861.

The watches feature the movements which was archived by the brand for more than a century. Each of these pieces features unique movements which are restored as an honor to historical significance. The collection is produced using the original machines employed to carve the movements back in 1913. The watchmakers had to go through tedious process of calculating each movement in each of the watches separately.

The collection is made to match the historic legacy with new craftsmanship. Courtesy: Omega

The chronographs feature original Omega logo as well as the serial numbers. The numbers are engraved on the main plate. New jewels are used to create to movements, but it made the process of creation more complicated. The jewels were bored over the main plate, this needed accurate and customized tooling of the bridges to match with the original pivot. Thus, a great deal of craftmanship was required to create the watches in tandem with new jewels in the old framework. The decoration of the movements as well as the mirror finishing was achieved with huge skill and labor.

OMEGA Wrist-Chronograph Limited Edition

The back case can be opened revealing interior movements. Courtesy: Omega

The 47.5 mm case of the watches is made of 18-karat white gold. The dial is curved using the Grand Feu enamel technique. The crown is made of 18-karat Sedna gold. The interior movements of the watches can be viewed by unhinging the back of the case. This watch collection will be among the most coveted possessions for any collector, as they bear the fine imprints of Omega’s history.

Omega entered fine watch making market with its first wristwatch in 1900. The company marketed its first chronograph in 1913, following which they began supplying to the Royal Flying Corps during World War I.