Natural Light Unveils $470M The ‘World’s Most Expensive Piece Of Art’ In Grand Central Station

Beer brand Natural Light’s latest edition unveiled in Grand Central Terminal is ‘the most expensive piece of art in the world;’ a chaotic canopy constructed from the diplomas of 2,600 college graduates.

Daniel Blake, vice president of value brands at Anheuser-Busch, which owns Natural Light said that the brand was surprised at the eager response they got from graduates who sent in their diplomas—especially considering the company never told them how the certificates would be used. (Students received $100 in exchange for “renting” their diplomas.)

Natty Light (Natural Light) has raised the world’s “most expensive” murals to highlight the rising price of college and crushing affect of debt.

According to Natty Light, the set up was constructed with “authentic, physical diplomas provided by real college graduates across the country.” The work is valued at $470 million, as the common grad pays over $180,000 for varsity, per Student Loan Hero.

The brand says it costs even more than the Salvator Mundi, a 600-year-old portray by Da Vinci that fetched $450 million in 2017.

The diplomas are suspended in mid-air “as if a gale of wind had just scattered all 2,600 of them throughout the cavernous, 6,000-square-foot space,” according to a press release.

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The installation is meant to stress the enormous scale of student debt, and the chaos it creates for those saddled with it.

It’s part of a continued effort from the brand to shine a light on the country’s crippling student debt problem—US college debt hit a record high in 2021, accounting for $1.7 trillion in student loan debt.

Now via March 21, followers are invited to share what impressed them to pursue increased schooling for an opportunity to have the beer model assist pay down their debt.