Moved With The Wind – Turbine-Shaped Skyscraper

Forget rotating restaurants, The 'Squall Tower' has been designed by the Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio as an unexpected building imagined for the cityscape of Dubai that would work to move with the wind like a turbine instead of resisting its strength.

Hayri Atak, an interior architect, was born in Eskişehir. Atak established his own firm Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio in 2017 in Istanbul. Hayri Atak has received awards from many design competitions during his academic and professional life, both as an individual and a group.

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Now the Turkish architect Hayri Atak has imagined the unimaginable by conceptualizing an entire skyscraper to rotate with the wind physically. The skyscraper comes with three individual ribbon-shaped segments that helically twist around a central axis, with multiple branches connecting them all together. The ribbon-like structure is designed to be streamlined, allowing it to effectively rotate with minimal drag. This would allow for it to complete a single rotation once every 48 hours at a fixed speed that would work with or without the wind. This will give each of its occupants a complete 360° view of Dubai, alternating between ocean and city-facing views. Lastly, a helipad on the top of the building will allow patrons and visitors access from the top while rotating entrances on the base will provide ingress to each of the building’s 3 helical towers.

The 'Squall Tower' would deliver ever-changing views for the inhabitants and visitors alike, and would work with the elements instead of against them to make it a fluid addition to the Dubai landscape. The design has been hugely appreciated but there’s no word on when the construction for the Squall Tower will begin, although the building’s design has been unveiled on Hayri Atak’s website and social media.