Most luxurious car in the World, the Top 5

Luxurious cars are designed to offer unique amenities and comfort to passengers.

Cars are among the most coveted possessions. The type, price and the standard of car one drives speaks a lot about lifestyle. This makes driving a luxury car almost an unavoidable necessity for persons with class, money and of course, respect. Millions of luxury cars are produced in a year and there are millions of buyers for them. But there could be less than 100 cars which are fitted with the most luxurious amenities. Lest about their price, but it is their outrageously rare features and amenities, which makes them the most luxurious of their kinds. Here are the most luxurious cars in the world so far.

  1. Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Pullman

Mercedes created this car to match with the length of a limousine featuring 6.50 meter from front to rear. The interior of this car has extended space that provide much more than just legroom. The seats are made of quilt and leather, and pillows to support a grand comfy seating. The space could be even set up to combine the additional rear facing seats. Means, the interiors of this car could be changed as per requirement of space. Cost of this Mercedes is US $567,000. The S-Class Mercedes are considered as the best luxurious model by the brand. While Pullman being is best of S-Class, comes out as the longest and the best of all. The front and rear compartments have separate sound systems for personalized music for passengers.

  1. Ferrari California T

Ferrari California T

California T is designed as a golf club vehicle. It is an updated version with luxury addition to Ferrari California. This is the first Ferrari with Apple CarPlay functionality. The car also came with Tailor Made options, being on production with customized features. In 2014, it was awarded as the “The Most Beautiful Automobile Award China”, by Car and Driver Magazine of Beijing. Also, it won “The Most beautiful Sports Car” award in China. This car is with many innovative technological features. The infotainment system is developed to offer easy navigation and instant accessibility to it’s a wide array of services. The interior is made of handcrafted upholstery and sophisticated materials.

  1. Bentley Mulsanne

Bentley Mulsanne

Bentley created an exquisite interior featuring brilliant features. There is a quad -zone air conditioning features and buyers has the option to customize the color of leather from a choice of 25 different shades of leather and 22 shades of carpet. Champaign flutes that come as a complimentary product with this car are hand-made. Bentley claims, the interior of this car provide time and space to make plans and delivers the technology to execute them. This car has many additional features making it a complete blend of luxury. The alloy wheel is handcrafted, the wing vents are made of polished stainless steel and the car rests on sports-tuned suspension setting.

  1. Range Rover Autography

Range Rover Autography

This 4×4 Range Rover priced at US $200,000 is a real deal for luxury car buyers.  The 10.2-inch screens on its backseat completes its entertainment attributes. Work desks can be deployed when needed and the bottle cooler between the seats makes it a sleek combination of enjoyment on wheels. There is a provision for four different zone of climate control inside the car. The air-conditioning can be customized for each of the four passengers, apart from ambient interior lightning. The front seats support massage functionality. All of the four seats have memory function.

  1. Rolls-Royce Dawn

Rolls-Royce Dawn

This US $300,000 luxury car has an option for lambswool floormats. It has convertible four-seater arrangement. The rear seats have backrest angles unlike any convertible. The roof functions without any noise, making the interior more comfortable and inviting. The roof is with six-layered aerodynamics enhancement, featuring French-seams. The car is comparable to a cigar room or a tea room. The interior is absolutely noiseless bearing no engine or wind noise. The sophistication of this car is enhanced with air suspension cushions and humps of various shapes and sizes. The light steering is made for precision driving and fully controlled maneuver.