Most Expensive Water – The Basic Elixir of Life

Cost of several bottled water is ridiculously high because of their exotic nature and location of extraction.

Water is the basis of life. But it seems ridiculous to know that it might cost more than diamonds and gold. While water is the next thing to air that exist free, there are ways to expend a load of money on it. So, what’s is the difference between the most expensive water and general tap water? Or what’s there in expensive bottled water that general bottled water from grocery stores don’t have? The difference is Taste! Those bottles of water are extracted from exotic locations, that offers a unique taste different to ordinary ones. Also, most does not realize the difference in tastes because they drink water cold and after eating. One did taste or not, but there are many bottled water brands with whopping price tags. Here are the most expensive water brands in the world.

Expensive Water Brands

  1. Bling water
  2. Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani
  3. Kona Nigari Water
  4. Most Expensive Bottled Water
  5. Why is VOSS water so expensive?

Bling’s “Ten Thousands”, Dubai Collection is priced at $2600 each bottle.

Bling water

The brand, Bling H20, was created by Kevin G Boyd, a Hollywood Producer and writer. Being with a celebrity background, he found that the famous and the rich treat water in a special way. Athletes, celebrities and supermodels have to take special care about their shape and figure. Furthermore, since they are always on limelight, millions of people observe their choices and daily habits. This is where Kevin G Boyd came up with the idea of creating a special brand of water.

Bling H20 water comes only from Tennessee and are subjected to multiple purification process including ozone, ultraviolet treatments and micro-filtration. Ordinary Bling water price ranges from $55 on 750 ml. The bottle is frosted glass and it is encrusted with Swarovski crystals. Bling’s Dubai Collection “Ten Thousands”, is the most expensive water– one with each bottle decorated at 10,000 Swarovski crystals. Each of them is priced at $2600.

highly expensive water

The bottle of Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani is made of 24 carat gold.

Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani

At $60,000 per 750ml bottle, the Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani is among the most expensive waters in world. The water is collected exclusively from France and Fiji. Its bottle is designed by Fernando Altamirano of Tequila Ley and is made of 24 carat solid gold. The handmade water bottle is a tribute to Amedeo Clemente Modigliani, the Italian artist.

expensive water in the world

A gallon of Kona Nigari costs $2144.

Kona Nigari Water

Kona Nigari Water costs $2144 per gallon! This water is extracted from 7480 feet below ground at Kailua Kona, off the Hawaiian coast. It is high in mineral content and it is desalinated. This water is especially popular in Japan. It was reported that 80,000 bottles of this most expensive water are shipped to the country every day. Per the brand, it has special qualities that offer massively to health. As claimed, the water is from melted glacier in Greenland and Iceland that sank below ocean floor, thousands of years ago. Also, per the brand, it is naturally pathogen free, containing natural deep ocean electrolytes and trace minerals.

Most Expensive Water

Brands like Fillico, Veen and Aqua Deco extracts water from exotic locations.

Most Expensive Bottled Water

Apart from these brands, there are several others like Fillico, Veen, 10 Thousand BC, Aqua Deco, Fine, Tasmanian Rain, Voss, Japanese Diamond Water, and others, which are also amongst the most expensive water brands in India. Fillico water is from a unique spring named Nunobiki in Kobe of Japan. Also, the bottles are designed to look like King and Queen pieces of Chess. They are decorated with Swarovski crystals.

Veen is from Finland and it is considered as one of the purest waters in the world. It is extracted from a spring near Tengelio, a village in Finnish Lapland. A bottle of 750 ml of this water costs $25. In the same way, 10 Thousand BC is sourced from Hat Mountain Glacier in British Columbia of Canada. Its water comes from mountain glaciers selling for $14 per 750 ml. In 2007, Aqua Deco, another expensive bottled water brand, won the award for being the best non-carbonated drinking water. It comes from Canadian Springs.

most expensive water brand

VOSS has transformed as a lifestyle bottled water brand for many.

Why is VOSS water so expensive?

Apart from highly expensive ones, VOSS is a brand that made expensive water accessible to ordinary people. However, its price is not that ordinary. VOSS was launched in early 2000s as a premium Bottled water brand for both the affluent and aspirational consumer. Apart from the exotic nature of the water, its bottling, style and of course, marketing, changed it as a lifestyle for many. On an average VOSS water is priced at $8 per liter and it is on high demand across luxury restaurants and fancy markets. The water is expensive because it comes from springs of Norway and is carried across long distances, as claimed by the brand.

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