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Designer laptops are highly priced not because of high-tech features, but for high-end design.

Laptops is among the most general electronics found in any household. Whether to watch movies or to create an AI engine, laptops are now integrated to daily lives. Although, their cost on average might range to less that a $1000, there are powerful machines that comes with ridiculously high price. is making a note to help you out on the most expensive laptops in the world.

World's most expensive laptop

The most expensive consumer laptop in the world is from Luvaglio. This laptops costs $1 Million each. With this price range, the brand can be considered as the most expensive laptop brand in the world. The laptop is fully customizable with any choice of specifications as per required.

However, the whopping price is not because if its specifications, but because of the embedded diamonds and precious stones on it. The power button is made of a rare and precious diamond. It has security features that allows finger print detection. Still, it is not the state of technology that makes the laptop expensive, but it is the state of art. It is also the most expensive computer in the class of general usage machines.

Luvaglio laptops are the most expensive ones in the world.

Most expensive laptops in the world

Apart from Luvaglio Laptops, there are many other expensive laptop brands in the world. From designer laptops like the Otazu Ego to high-tech gadget like the Yoyotech, there are several laptops and computers, sold as the most expensive ones. Here are the most expensive ones, which are, in fact, after Luvaglio.

Otazu Ego Diamond Laptops is a designer laptop, in a shape of a handbag. The brand has been producing many luxurious and fancy laptops. The starting price of the brand is $5,000. The most expensive among its products is the Otazu Ego Diamond. This laptop is decorated with 470 pieces of diamond. The cost of this designer laptop is $350,000. Apple produced a MacBook Pro using 24k gold as its exterior body. This golden MacBook costs $30,000. This laptop is actually designed by Computer Choppers. Even the Apple logo is made of multiple pieces of diamond.

The next expensive laptop, the Bentley Notebooks is also from Ego Laptops. Luxury brand Ego and Bentley, the posh automobile creator came out with a $20,000 laptop in 2008. The exterior of this laptop is handmade. The outer part is made of high-grade leather. The Bentley log flaunts its luxury features. The laptop is available in several color. Only 250 prices of these expensive laptops were ever produced. Among others, the 1975 IBM Portable Computer is now among the most expensive computers in world. The IBM machine is a first ‘mini-computer’ in the world. When it was ready for sale, its cost was a whopping $19,975. With present adjustment rates, this would be a whopping $88,000.

expensive laptops in the world

Alienware is known for its high-end and impressive specifications.

Most expensive Alienware Laptop

Alienware produces high capacity gaming laptops. Among popular but expensive brands, Alienware is the most coveted ones for its high-end specifications. Alienware 18 was released in 2013 with a price tag of $4,400. The laptop is loaded with 4th Generation Intel Core i7 processor. It is with two powerful Nvidia GPUs with high quality cooling system. The sound system in this laptop is made by Klipsch. It has a Dolby Home Theater v.4 control panel. Alienware highlighted a new design in this laptop. It was released as the most powerful laptop by the brand at that time.

The most expensive laptops might not be the best ones all the time. So, what is the best laptop in the world? It is the most expensive ones? Certainly not. Also, the tech market is volatile, it is not easy to define the most powerful laptop or the best laptops in the world. The intended use of laptop determines a lot about their power and thereby, their price. The gaming laptops are the most powerful ones usually. It is due to the high-powered graphic cards and processor they need to run. Thus, Alienware is considered as on of the best gaming laptops.

Most expensive laptop 2016

  • LUVAGLIO ($1,000,000)
  • TULIP E-GO DIAMOND ($350,000)
  • MACBOOK PRO 24 KARAT GOLD ($30000)

Most expensive laptop 2017

  • Same as 2016

Most expensive laptop 2018

  • Same as 2016