Most Expensive Jordans

Air Jordans by Nike is associated with the nostalgia of Michael Jordan, the famous NBA player.

For a wide consumer base, Jordans have become the strongest fashion statement. Air Jordans, especially, exploded in the market after Michael Jordan endorsed them as its official user. In fact, Nike created them especially for the star player. The celebrity basketball player wore it while playing making them famous. Apart from sports stars, several music celebrities have also made the shoe type famous. Also, a reason of their popularity is their suitability of usage and comfort while playing. These shoes are now considered as the best type of footwear for playing basketball. Even if popular, the original ones are not for everyone. It is because of their exorbitant price. The Most expensive Jordans is more than a 100,000 dollar.

There are several reasons why Jordans are expensive the way they are. They are created using special technology. Most of them are designed by famous designer that provide a strong combination of strength, durability and comfort. Apart from these, the high ration of supply and demand is the primary reason for high price of this shoes. Brands always produce limited quantities of them in the range of hundreds while, the demand is in thousands. Here are the most expensive pairs of Jordans.

The Air Jordan (Flu Game) fetch the highest price so far; a whopping $104,000.

Most expensive Jordans ever

Air Jordan 12 (Flu Game) is the most expensive Air Jordan sneakers that fetched $104,000. This pair has an interesting history. In 1997 NBA Finals, Chicago Bulls were playing against the Utah Jazz. The latter was winning was on roll winning the last two games. Meanwhile, Michael Jordan seemed to be suffering from flu at the game at he could not play with a winning vigor. But, Jordan lead Chicago Bulls to win the game scoring 15 points in the 4th quarter. The Air Jordan 12 is the black and red version of the original pair. This pair is made of premium leather. It is considered as the King of Air Jordans.

Air Jordan 12 OVO is a copy of Drake’s personal pair. It is the second most expensive Jordans sold at $100,000.  It is white in color, featuring Stingray and tumbled leather. The pair also has a touch of gold on the side and two top eyelets. This pair of Jordans was released to the public. The sole features the OVO branding. It was crafted as a gift for Drake and his team. This pair reflected the partnership of Jordan with the music group. The original pair was gifted to a lady fan of the celebrity, who put it up for sale.

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Air Jordan 12

Air Jordan 1(Autographed) is the most coveted and revered Jordan in the world.

At $60,000 the Air Jordan Silver Shoe is the third most expensive Jordans. All 10 of its limited-edition pieces are now owned by collectors. It is special because, the pair was gifted to Michael Jordan on his 32nd birthday. The special occasion made the pair a unique collectible. The history related to this pair made it worth its cost. Another pair, Air Jordan 2 OG, was sold on eBay for $31,000. It was designed by Bruce Kilgore, the famous Italian designer. The shoes were available in two colors.

The most famous of all is the Air Jordan I (Autographed), which has a resale price as high as $25,000. This design follows a similar pattern and color scheme to that of Chicago Bulls. The pair carries a nostalgia of Michael Jordan, which makes it timeless. The design is supposed to have contributed immensely to the overall status of Jordans. There were only two retro releases of these shoes in 2013 and in 2015.

Air Jordan 11 Retro Gamma Blue

Air Jordan 11 Retro Gamma Blue is reported as the most popular Air Jordan.

The Rarest Jordans

There are several rare Air Jordans. The Air Jordan ‘WINGS for the Future’ is among the rare collections. Only 23 pairs of these shoes were actioned in 2011. The amount was used in the WINGS for the future program of the Brand. The Eminem Jordan was inspired by the autobiography of the famous rapper, The Way I am. Only 313 pairs of these Jordans were released online. The design features lyrics by Eminem scribbled on the upper and lower portion. Doernbecher Air Jordan 3 was released by Nike. Money collected from this pair were spent directly at children’s hospital. Per Bloomberg, the most popular Jordans so far are the Jordan 11 Retro Gamma Blue, Jordan 11 Retro Playoffs, Jordan 6 Retro Carmine, Jordan 11 Retro Low Concord and Jordan 12 Retro Taxi.