Most Expensive Alcohol, The Lord of Good Times

Alcohol is more about fun and celebration rather than getting drunk.

Drinking is not just for getting drunk, it is more about fun and enjoyment. More importantly, drinks are for celebration, to mark a good time and make it memorable. This is why there is no reason to get stingy, at least, on alcohol expenses. While most alcoholic drinks are affordably cheaper, there are many others with surprising high price tags. It is the composition of such liquor that makes them highly expensive. Also, the method of preparation determines the cost. The more hectic it is higher will be the price. Some liquors are rare as they are produced in strictly limited quantity. Whatever might be the price of alcohol; it is quite certain that it never bothered anybody anyways. Because, liquor is for good times and good times are priceless.

Most expensive bottle of alcohol in the world

Apart from alcohol or the liquor, the bottles of liquor adds to their cost massively. The fancy bottles are designed with extreme craftmanship. Made of precious stones and rare materials, sometimes it is the bottles that comes up as more expensive than the alcohol inside it. For instance, one the most expensive bottles of alcohol in the world is the Platinum Liquor bottle by Tequila Ley. This alcohol is called Pasion Azteca. This bottle of alcohol costs US $3.5 million. Pasion Azteca is a 4-years-old Anejo tequila, kept in a bottle made of platinum and white-gold adorned with 6,400 diamonds. This bottle was designed by Alejendro Gomez Oropeza, the Mexican artist.

The Billionaire Vodka with a price of US $3.7 million is the most expensive bottle of alcohol.

Presently, the most expensive liquor bottle is the Billionaire Vodka. This is also considered as the most expensive alcohol in the world combined with the price of its bottle. A bottle of this Vodka costs US $3.7 million. This Vodka is completely handmade. They are made in a micro-batch using a unique recipe. This Russian recipe is a top secret. The smoothness and taste of the liquor justify its clandestine preparation. This vodka can be considered as the most expensive. It comes in 5-liter bottles, each covered with 3,000 diamonds and Swarovski crystals. No wonder, the high price of the alcohol is also because of this bottle.

The platinum bottle by Tequila Ley and Billionaires’ Vodka are the most expensive bottles of alcohol, along with liquor; but what is the most expensive alcohol in the world? The Coconut Brandy VS by Mendis is the most expensive alcohols, leaving aside the bottles. Mendis Coconut Brandy VS costs US $1 Million per bottle. This Brandy is the finest brandy in the world, which is made of coconuts. Each of this bottle is signed by W.M. Mendis, the founder of House of Mendis.

Most expensive bottle of alcohol

Diamond Is Forever Martini is the most expensive cocktail in the world.

In 2011, a US $130,000 vintage bottle of cognac made world record as per Guinness Book as the most expensive bottle of wine. This particular bottle is dated back to 1811 and it is still with enough clarity to be classified drinkable and in good state. This centuries-old bottle transformed as a historical artifact rather than a drink. It is now the most expensive liquor ever. This also makes it one among the rarest drinks in the world.

Among cocktails, the Diamond Is Forever Martini tops the list. At US $17,600 this is the most expensive cocktail in world. This is served at the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo. This drink is rather different being also an experience apart from alcohol. It got the name from the crystal-clear cut diamond weighting 1 carat at the bottom of every glass of this Martini. While the drink is served, a band will perform “Diamond is Forever” especially for the patron.

Expensive Alcohol brand

The Spirytus Rektyfikowany, with 96% alcohol, is the strongest commercial alcohol bottle ever sold.

Which alcohol has the highest alcohol percentage?

Among commercial alcohols, Spirytus vodka had 96% alcohol. This is considered as the strongest bottle of liquor ever sold. Spirytus is a Polish made vodka. The full name of this vodka is Spirytus Rektyfikowany. The strongest drink after Spirytus is the Everclear, which is with 95% alcohol. This drink is colorless, odorless and tasteless. Everclear is a grain alcohol and it is sold by Luxco.