Most Expensive 24-Karat Gold Cannabis Cigar in the world

Right from the time when legal cannabis hit the market, weed scientists, as well as eager capitalists, have been working diligently to find ways to get consumers high. In a short period, we have made long progress! However, the crazy hype that has hit the market in recent years is the Gold Cannabis Cigar, or "cannagar." Although the idea of something like this is highly tempting, yet puff on a pot-stuffed stogie for hours, like a stoned cartoon billionaire! The extraordinarily high-priced Cannabis Cigar kit often dashes the hope that a common cannabis user has of trying one.

It seems history is being made recently! At Seattle’s high-profiledispensary named ‘Diego Pellicer’, someone bought the El Dorado ‘cannagar’ which is the most expensive cannabis cigar ever known to mankind. Washington’s Diego Pellicer has introduced "El Dorado" which is the world's first of its kind cannabis cigar that sports a full ounce of organic flower wrapped in a layer of 24-Karat Gold leaf. Smoking such an expensive item like 24-Karat Gold Cannabis Cigar and that too this fancy may not be preferable for many of our budgets, however, passing up an opportunity to witness the launch will be too much to let go. The news also goes that all visitors will also be able to receive 20 percent off all Gold Leaf flower, Polar Icetracts, and Leira Cannagar.

People who have experienced the cigar have expressed that it is truly an incredible smoke with around 28 grams of sought-after Tangie flower, explicitly wrapped in solvent-free hash rosin, has a covered layer of premium quality cannabis fan leaves and finally a gold wrapping. In Washington, Diego Pellicer announced that the cannagar was sold for $10,000. Would You Buy A $10,000, 24-Karat Gold Cannabis Cigar? I won't but El Dorado was genuinely exquisite in its appearance. The beauty was well- sealed in a wax-capped glass tube, inside a custom humidor, with some special accessories.

Alejandro Canto, the CEO of Diego Pellicer Washington had once said that whether someone chooses to indulge within the luxurious custom-made cannagar just as a keepsake or wishes to savor every moment of the cigar’s smoke, the experience would be beyond words. The Gold Cannabis Cigar seems to flush the senses with a beautiful tangerine orchard while the formidably long cannagar ensures prolonged hours of pleasure as smokers sparkle their way to bliss. Ron Throgmartin, the CEO of Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc., has said that the brand is known as the premium marijuana brand and that its customers have always been expecting the best. This cigar is truly the greatest quality and its very essence is what makes the brandexceptional as compared to the rest.

Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc. is the premium brand of marijuana. The company is known for actively seeking, developing and leasing legally-compliant real estate, involving turnkey cultivation, processing facilities, and high-profile retail stores to licenseall marijuana operators. To know more about how to become a branded Diego Pellicer retailer, cultivator or investor, visit

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