More Indians are Travelling to Luxury and Exotic Destinations

Be it your honeymoon, a romantic getaway, or a long due family vacation, today most of the Indians choose the most expensive destinations in the world to travel.  As it just not only satiate their imagination of experiencing a luxurious holiday but also prove to be a good value for money.  More Indians are travelling to luxury exotic destinations this year. A report by travel service provider Belmond highlighted that its revenue from Indian customers surged up high during the months January to May of this year 2016. Compared to last year, it received 50% increase of Indian customers for room nights and 24.8% for room revenue. According to the service company, Indian travellers to destinations like St. Petersburg, Rio de Janeiro and Cambodia has increased significantly. Reportedly, their hotels are being visited by more Indians lately. According to Andrea Filippi, executive director at Belmond, more Indians are travelling to destinations like Siem Reap, Koh Samui, Luang Prabang and Bali for short breaks as well as for long weekends. It was a present surprise for the company as they saw the interest of Indian tourists to off-beat destinations like Peru. Indian tourists are having luxury travels by travelling through luxury trains to Machu Picchu, which is highly extravagant. Also, safari lodges in remote locations like Botswana are attracting significant numbers of Indian visitors.

Apart from the luxury hotels of Belmond Grand, the itinerary of Indian travellers also has names like Hotel Cipriani in Venice, which is one of the top luxury resorts. It was the wedding venue of noted celebrity George Clooney. Indian travellers, by no doubt, are taking luxury travelling seriously as the fact is also corroborated by popular portal MakeMyTrip. The domestic portal reported that the demand of private luxury pools and villas are increasing. Travellers, moreover, are spending 10% more days in any trip on an average. The Luxury resorts of Mauritius, Bali and Sri Lanka have become the major vacation destinations for Indian travellers. The portal also cited that Indian customers are trying out more local activities and experiences.

Another aspect, which is surging, is up gradations in travel packages. Most travelers from India upgrade their tour packages to premium and luxury classes. This trend is stronger in travel packages to destinations like Ladakh and Andaman. The rising income level of middle-class Indians is the prime reason for this growth of the luxury travel industry in India. Apart from this, the leverage in visa requirement in many international destinations and provisions of visa-on- arrival is the major push for this surge. Moreover, tourism in India is also through a growth phase as the number of international travellers in India is rising rapidly.