Met Gala 2018: The Most Extravagant Celebrity Event of The Year

Met Gala is the most expensive red-carpet event for fashion. There are several names for this extravagant event including “fashion’s biggest night out”, “the party of the year”, “the Oscars of the East Coast”, among others. Officially, it is the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute benefit, held on first Monday of May. The event if held to raise funds for the Costume Institute.

This is the same event where Donald Trump proposed Melania back in 2005. The Met Gala of New York is a magnet for celebrities, artists, fashion designers, businessmen and big corporate persons. A single ticket to the event cost USD 30,000, amounting to more than 20 Lakhs rupees. Still, affording a ticket does ascertain an admission. Met Gala is an exclusive “invitation only” event and the waiting list is ever lengthy.

 Priyanka Chopra with her glided headpiece at Met Gala 2018.

This year, the theme of Mat Gala was “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and Catholic Imaginations”. The host of the event are Anna Wintour, Rihanna, Donatella Versace and Amal Clooney. There was a surprise performance by Madonna in the event. The exhibits in the event featured papal robes and accessories from the Vatican. Rihanna was wearing a complete papal dress with studded pearls. Priyanka Chopra, the Indian celebrity was draped in a mosaic of the Byzantine ear, with her glided headpiece and velvet gown.

In 2017, the event raised more than 12 million USD. Money from ticket sales are channelized to the Costume Institute. The celebrities do not have to buy any ticket. They are invited by the brands to sit at their table. The event was first organized by Eleanor Lambert, the fashion publicist and founder of CFDA, in 1984. At present the co-chair is held by Anna Wintour since 1995, editor in chief of Vogue. She has been the in-charge of the event in last 22 years.

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Bee Shaffer(left) and co-chair Anna Wintour at the event.

What happens to guest inside the event is a secret. After the red carpet, posing on social media is being banned since last three years. There are updates about receiving line inside with the host and guest air kissing them. They tour the exhibition heading for the cocktail party. The party is among the greatest and most extravagant marketing events in the globe.