Mercedes Benz Rolls Out Original Replicas of First Car On Sale

The replicas were built in 2002 for Museums, they are fully functional with 0.9hp engine.

The first car ever made was by Carl Benz, back in 1885. It was called the Patent-Motorwagen, sold for 600 Deutsche Marks, equivalent to around 3,500 euros today. It was only in 1886, that it the model was open for public, rolling out about 25 such vehicles. Now, after centuries, Mercedes Benz has created the replica of this car, making it available for sale. The development is under the Classic Department. These replicas were built in 2002 for the Mercedes Museum. The cars are completely functional with 0.9 hp

Benz developed the first car fitted with a four-cylinder petrol powered engine. It had a single cylinder with a volume of 954 cc. The engine delivered less than 1 hp power at 400 rpm. Later, the car was improved to travel at a speed of 16 km per hour with upgraded power of 1 to 2hp. It was the first automobile to feature internal combustion engine and electronic ignition. The technology was patented in 1886.

The car has three wheels, looking more like a carriage. It has no enclosed cabin but has leather seat placed over the engine. The vehicle is hand operated. It will be an ideal automobile to flaunt as the exact replica of the first ever car, that too, from the same manufacturer. Although, the price of the replicas is not yet public, it is available on request.

Mercedes Benz, the German automobile brand is well known for luxury vehicles. The brand was established by Karl Benz himself, inventing the first motor car in the world in 1886. The automobile was marketed first by Daimler Motor Corporation in 1901. Now, Mercedes Benz produces a wide range of vehicles including Buses, Vans, Trucks apart from premium cars and sedans. The company developed alternative propulsion system to match with current demands of the market. It is one of the most popular premium car brands.

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