Mercedes-Benz And N+ EQ Formula E Team E-Bike

Over the last few years’ Electric bike design has improved dramatically. N+ has signed a contract with none other than the German automaker, Mercedes-Benz to produce a stunning EQ Formula E Team eBike. With two of the industry’s most prominent names at its back, it should come as no surprise that the EQ Formula E bicycle stands at the top of its respective genre.

Housing the batteries and power unit internally as to conceal what would almost certainly be an eyesore, on first impressions, you’d easily mistake the Formula E Team eBike’s streamlined silhouette for a conventional bicycle. On closer inspection, you’ll notice the tubes of the hand-polished aluminium frame are just ever so slightly thicker than usual. That’s where the “e” parts of the eBike are stored.

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With a 36v/7ah Panasonic Cells 252-watt removable battery, which you can pop out via quick release – or keep in place to quick-charge using the integrated charging port this, can be fully charged in just three and a half hours. In terms of power output, the Mercedes eBike’s top speed comes to 32 km/h with a decent range of 60-100 kilometres.

Given how both the battery and motor are located near the center of the bike, the 36v/250w Mid Drive With Torque Sensing System power unit/motor effectively delivers 50/50 weight distribution, making it one of the most stable rides currently on the market. Other notable features include a Turmey Archer five-speed drivetrain, which works in tandem with a Gates carbon-belt drive that won’t need maintenance over 18,500 miles. The bike also includes a carbon-fiber fork, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes and Kenda Ks puncture-resistant tires. The Mercedes eBike weighs a total of 17kg.

The Mercedes-Benz EQ Formula E Team eBike is currently retailing for $4,367. But for those of you seeking the step above, you can check out the deluxe Silver Arrows eBike, which will set, you back $6,141.