McLaren 570S 2019 is The New King on Roads

McLaren 570S will rollout with its new avatar in 2019, featuring semi-electric and semi-autonomous technology.

McLaren Automotive rolled out the 570S model looking forward to triple the company’s revenue in a span of 5 years. Needless to mention, for the car brand, it was a brainchild or the base model. The sports car was designed by Robert Melville, British car designer and design director at McLaren Automotive.

570S is powered by 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine. Its engine is also used in 650S and P1 versions. However, 30% of the engine parts from those models were redesigned to fit into the mid-engine configuration of 570S. This engine delivers a power of 562 hp, making the car accelerate from 0-62 mph in 3.2 seconds. This sports car can run with a top speed of 204 mph.

A series of McLaren 570S will roll out in the market with renewed specifications in year 2019. Keeping up with the current pace of electrification, a hybrid model of this car will arrive. As reported McLaren 570S 2019 will feature both hybrid and autonomous technology. Notably, McLaren is undergoing a special program named Track 22, which is a business strategy to transform all existing models to electric or semi-electric versions. The sports car manufacturer will invest 1 billion British Pounds in R&D, with an objective of transforming at least 50% of their cars to feature hybrid technology.

The earlier version of 570S were the 570S Coupe, GT4, Sprint and the Spider.

570S has three variant models, GT4, Sprint and Spider. The first two models were presented at the 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed. These two models are track oriented iterations of 570S, derived from the later. The models featured a number of additional capabilities like air jack suspension, racing style aero package, center-lock magnesium alloys, and updated cooling system and radiator. GT4 was especially made for race-tracks, while, Sprint was made commercially available. GT4 comes with FIA restrictions, but Sprint too, can be customized to have similar specifications to that of GT4. The customization is done at the request of owner by McLaren.

570 Spider is the convertible version of 570S. It debuted a year after GT4 and Sprint, at the same Goodwood Festival of Speed. The engine specifications remaining the same, Spider features similar roof folding mechanism to that of super series cars. The model is available in three colors, Vega Blue, Sicilian Yellow and Ventura Orange. The roof comprises of two aluminum folds that can bind and unbind within 30 seconds. The folding mechanism can operate at speeds above 30 miles per hour.

Luxury Sports Cars in the World

Electric Hybrids and automatic sports cars are the latest entrants in the automotive industry.

Among sport cars, the 570S Coupe is one of the lightest cars. Weighting only 1,452 kg, the car has a good fuel economy of 25.5 miles. The new 2019 hybrid model would be a real deal to curb its CO2 emission. The 2019 570S will use Monocell II architecture, which is designed for a hybrid powertrain. Per Mike Flewitt, McLaren’s Chief Operating Officer, the hybrid design is built from a scratch so that it does not have to adapt to the existing chassis of the older models. Mike confirmed that McLaren will use its own autonomous technology through careful selection. Even though he knows that Autonomy is not appealing to customers, but McLaren will bet on capabilities following complete aspects of safety, legislation and emissions. It is known that the car will not be completely automatic, but will have options for self-driving.

High Priced Sports Car

Most of McLaren models are produced only for a term of 4 to 5 years.

McLaren sports car are built to provide increased space for luggage and interior storage. In contrast, other sports car brands do not offer these options abundantly. McLaren 570S even features leather upholstery options apart from spacious interiors. The driver’s area is teardrop shaped, helping the overall design of the car attain aerodynamic advantages. The car has butterfly doors flaunting the McLaren logo. The rear end is design similar to P1 model.

McLaren models has a lifecycle of 4 to 5 years. The 570S too arrived in 2015 and they are ready get replaced by 2019 with the new hybrid model. In 2018, McLaren 570S series are with a price tag higher than $190,000. The Spider 570S costs more than $210,000 now. Tentative price of hybrid 2019 570S is not yet disclosed. McLaren claims that its sports cars are incredibly responsive to every input of the driver. As they have double suspension, these cars are comfy even in high speed driving. Also, these sport cars can adapt to any road condition as they run on several modes.