Massive Lord Of The Rings LEGO Set Breaks Guinness World Record

Recently, A LEGO diorama inspired by The Lord of the Rings set the Guinness World Record for the "largest interlocking plastic brick diorama." Lord of the Rings was a LEGO theme that saw the popular fantasy world of Orcs and Hobbits recreated in LEGO bricks.

Smaerdland in Shenzhen, China is now home to the largest mini brick build in the world, courtesy of Guinness World Records. The display was recently shown off in a video uploaded to official Guinness World Records YouTube page, a good option for fans who might not be able to travel and see it in person.

The description for the video reads, "YOU SHALL NOT PASS! This massive structure, based on the battles from Lord of the Rings, is record-breaking!"

While LEGO hasn't released a set based on J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series since dropping a starter pack for LEGO Dimensions several years ago, fans speculate the franchise will be revived by LEGO once Amazon releases its upcoming Lord of the Rings prequel series.

It was previously revealed that Amazon's prequel series is set during the Second Age of Middle-earth, before The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings film trilogies. It was also confirmed that the series would focus heavily on elves, which played a major role in the creation of the titular rings and served as the primary defense against Sauron in the Second Age.

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The structure, which is in a part of the museum called Blocks Kingdom, is made up of 150 million LEGO brick build inspired by Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings franchise, but the video does not specify that these are all from the LEGO Group. Fifty designers spent three years building the set for Blocks Kingdom’s Smaerd Land in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, as reported by SyFy Wire. The diorama measures roughly 2,060 square feet and includes various Middle-earth settings such as the Shire and Mordor. Fans of the theme are sure to recognise the Uruk-hai minifigures and the familiar symbol of the white hand on the flags, as well as the four 10237 Tower of Orthanc-like structures sitting within the black-bricked fortress.

There are certainly at least a few LEGO bricks used in the build, from the minifigures alone with what can only be thousands of minifigures forming armies and groups across the massive structure. Nevertheless, the model is no doubt impressive, especially considering that is made up completely of interlocking bricks as well as it being a Guinness World Record holder. Other areas within the Blocks Kingdom of the museum include an animal model display and a sci-fi zone.

The LEGO Lord of the Rings fans might want to add a Chinese museum to their bucket list, as a massive brick-built diorama has broken a Guinness World Record.

Source: YouTube, SYFY Wire