Luxury Gift Ideas For Someone Who Has It All

Gift is something that relates to memory. Most of the times, it's not about the use but about a reminder that someone cares. Expensive gifting ideas to the rich is a matter of thought because the "use" factor of the gift loses its relevance, since the person has or can buy everything that she or he thinks useful. Gifting the rich becomes relevant when it's all about the memory part. The gift must match the personal taste of the person. Most importantly, it must remind him the person who gifted, with a special thought. The gift must inflict a feeling within the person that the gifter cares or really knows the person very well.

So, what could be the best gifts for a wealthy person? Interestingly, it could be as simple as a bouquet of flowers or just an invitation for a coffee together! It's as simple as that. The most important aspect one should look into is the person's interest. What does she or he likes? What's his favorite color? What's her favorite flower? And so on. However, if it is nearly impossible for you to know personal tastes, there are number of objects that appeal strongly to any wealthy person. Some of the best gifting ideas for the wealthy are handicraft and handmade items, collection of coins, art and sculpture , rare and famous expensive books, and antiques.

Handicraft and Handmade items are pristine

Handmade and handicraft items could be anything from a showpiece to a shirt or a shawl. Many of such items are found only in the remote corners of the world, that are far away from the industrial pockets and the so called advanced society. These items are expensive because they are organic in nature and they involve direct human skill and labour right from the first stage of production to the final one. Also, there is a really wide variety of handmade items. For instance, a Madhubani painting from Bihar or a Naga Shawl from Nagaland of India are such masterpieces that invoke a sentimental touch of ingenuity and purity. Such items, in its original form are pristine and are hard to find. They are only available in their places of origin, which are distant and far away locations with limited accessibility.

Coin is an object of love for the rich

Most rich people are rich because they have an innate connection with money. They have a deep desire for material things and they are passionate about wealth. This passion inspires them to work more and earn more. Wealthy people knows the value of money they are frugal minded and they has a strong acumen to rather invest in anything rather than spending. These are the reasons the rich love coin collection and this love doubles if the collection is rare. A coin collection is truly a remarkable gift for any wealthy person. However, such a gift is a real hard work. Coin collections are rarely for sale. They are gifts that create an awe.

Art, Sculpture or Antiques adds to personal collection 

There is a reason art and antiques appeal to the rich. Art and antiques are the finest expressions of human and time. While art expresses the sentiments with an accurate mix of skill, antiques remind us about the gargantuan nature of time, that pervades existence. The rich has less to worry about the daily affairs of life. They enjoy the luxury of availability of time for things they like to do. This tryst with the value of time makes them love things from the past. Their possession offers a sense of permanence in this impermanent world. Whereas, art is an end product of the evolving human acumen, sensitivity, and emotion. The rich know the value of valuable things. They value the gifts valuable to them. Happy gifting!

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