Louis Vuitton Launch Unisex LV Volt Jewellery Line

Every piece of Louis Vuitton latest fine jewelry collection reflects a particular meaning, all tying back to the iconic French fashion house’s heritage. The new LV Volt collection, which has launched within the Middle East, has been designed by Francesca Amfitheatrof (artistic director of watches and jewellery). The prime objective of the 36-piece collection was to transcend genders and international tastes.

The unisex pieces are based around the construction of the letters L and V idolizing the brand’s initials and creating a new generation of fine jewellery where the iconic LV initials are a metaphor for energy, and play them up for an edgy vibe. The LV letters come together, split apart or intertwined in a variety of textures, sizes, finishes, and dimensions to offer multiple combinations for mixing and matching.

Louis Vuitton also released the campaign for its LV Volt unisex jewellery line featuring stars

·      Hugo Marchand

·      Paris Opera Ballet principal dancer

·      Alicia Vikander, Swedish Oscar-winning actress

·      Sharon Alexie, French artist

·      XiaoXing Mao, Chinese model

The first set of pieces showcase the initials in their purest form, where they interact and complete each other impeccably, merging into a luxurious design. The second set of pieces becomes more intricate, as the 'L' and 'V' are merged together, acting as building blocks to form geometrically unique compositions, all while following a prismatic sequence within their style. Louis Vuitton known for it's minimalist ethos, it’s no surprise that clean, sleek lines, imbued with architectural influences, are evident in the rings, cuffs, earrings and necklaces.

The LV Volt is sure to make a bold statement as it draws on the Maison's renowned abstract forms. Both men and women can wear the collection. Prices start from $2,100, but it’s definitely worth every dollar.

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