Little Pipe Cay, the Island Paradise is set to sell on USD 85 million

Little Pipe Cay has five large villas in addition to several luxury amenities. Courtesy: Knight Frank.

Little Pipe Cay is an island spread over 38 acres of land surrounded by white sand. This isolated island in Bahamas was inhabited until the last 15 years when it began to be developed as an estate. Developed by Michael Dingman, the billionaire, the island is now an 85 million USD property. This private island has five colonial styled houses offering marvelous view of the blue ocean around. The island is listed on Knight Frank after Dingman passed away at the age of 86. He was a long-time director of Ford Motor Co. and Time-Warner Inc. He built all of the five houses in the island for his family and guests.

The estate is located in Exumas archipelago located around 270 miles away from Florida. The houses are furnished with the best and expensive materials. There are total nine bedrooms and nine bathrooms comprising in the property. The property also has adequate accommodation for staff. Apart from the five villas, there are also several outbuildings in the island. A swimming pool, a spa and a sea barn complete the building landscape. The Island also has a strong security arrangement. The boats and water sport equipment transform it to a complete complex.

The island is accessible only by boat, fiery or seaplane, as there is no runway. Little Pipe Cay is located around two miles from Big Major Cay. Major Cay is famous for its Pig Beach. With a typical boat with a cruising speed of 20 knots, it will take around 12 hours to reach Little Pipe Cay. Several celebrities own the nearby islands. Johnny Depp owns the Little Hall’s Pond Cay, which is nearby. On the other side, Ed Bosarge, the billionaire co-founder of Quantlab Financial LLC, owns Over Yonder Cay.

Neighbors include movie star Johnny Depp, who owns nearby Little Hall’s Pond Cay, and billionaire Ed Bosarge, co-founder of electronic trading firm Quantlab Financial LLC, who owns Over Yonder Cay. Even more exciting, it's about two miles from Big Major Cay, where people go to swim with the wild pigs who live on the beaches.