Limited Membership! Money is not just enough for these Clubs

The master of quick wit Groucho Marx was not interested in the Clubs he could get a membership. Such is the stance of persons who likes to be off beat with off-the-beat interests. Waiting in queue is the last thing that could entertain a billionaire who earns millions in minutes. However, there exist exclusive clubs that once made even the Prince of Wales to wait. To be one among their members, only possessing unlimited money would not bag you a membership. Sometimes you would need to become more than elites to be members of such clubs. Here are couples of these societies with limited membership: The Bilderberg Club The society is a group of 130 people who are believed to have the uppermost hand in governments around the globe. The inception of this club was in 1954 when top business tycoons and political leaders from the US and Europe started to congregate once a year in a secret place. It is certainly not the Billionaire tag that could earn a membership to this club. The Beefsteak Club Even Prince of Wales had to wait for a membership into this British Club. It is a 300 years old establishment allowing only 24 members, and the membership is for lifetime.

This means to be a member of this society, one would have to wait for a member to die. The club, however, breaks in to the bizarre heights for the idea it is devoted to. Dedicated to the magnificence of steak, members of the club get together only to eat steak, talk, and sing a song about steak. A badge proclaiming “Beef and Liberty” and a funny apron are all that specify a member of this club. The Alfalfa Club The Club was established in 1913 to celebrate the birthday of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Since then, the party is held every year on the last Saturday night of January.

The club allows only 200 lifetime memberships and is open for membership only when a member dies. The Saturday night party, however, can be joined only through invitation. Some of its members are top US politicians and top business giants. It is one of the biggest parties of the US all dedicated to some sips of Alfalfa drinks.Members in Alfalfa Club Saturday night Party in 1993 Members in Alfalfa Club Saturday night Party in 1993[/caption] The Giga Society The club is a unique establishment that includes only someone who has enough IQ to be a member. There are only 6 members up till now, that includes Mathematician Rolf Mifflin, who solve the Godelian Paradox. Membership to this society is earned only by scoring more than 195 on their accepted IQ Test. The society was founded by Paul Cooijmans under the umbrella of the GliaWeb. Its website boast of the uniqueness as “in theory one in a billion individuals can qualify.”