Let your Dog fly, Exclusive Jets for your fluffy canines

Flying with pets on a commercial airline has been always an enigma. Whether it is a holiday season or a on a family trip to antipodes of the globe. However, there is a posy way to solve this. Why not hire a private jet exclusively for your pets? Especially for dogs, the fluffy canines, there are massive provisions to travel luxuriously. Several jet service providers have come up with the idea of flying pets along with owners or even alone. A Hong Kong based travel company use to fly Japan carrying pets and their owners. Chartered Jet service providers based in the US and Europe are also coming up with such provisions.

Pets travelling in jets are always with body harness rather than neck collars.

These companies follow strict rules and codes that ensure safety and comfort to pets. The pets need to have proper vaccination and relevant documentation to support their journey. There are special places or countries with separate rules for dogs. It is necessary to follow such rules. While there are only a few services that allow dog to travel without their owners, most private jets allow pets to accompany their owner with limited formality and safety measures.

Flight attendants of pet carrying jets are trained especially for the job. They take special care starting from serving food or snacks to harnessing them with the body harness. Most jet services affix a collar to small sized dogs fixing them with the seat of the owner. The only care one should take in placing dogs is to ascertain that they do not block the aisles or the emergency exits. On flights, always a body harness is used in place of neck collars to harness pets. In this regard, owners also should be careful enough to buy best harnesses for their pets to travel on a jet. While, airlines have no fixed rules for such harnesses, they should be as per the requirement of the jet.

There are dedicated attendants for each pet in a private jet.

Special jet services allow transportation of only pets without their owners. If only pet flies, dedicated cabin attendants are employed for each pet. Large pets or dogs are assigned to take passengers seat after take off and before landing. However, it should be ensured that such pets are sober enough not to interfere with the cabin crew or the pilot. Exclusive jet services for pet are on huge demand. These demands are not only for dogs, but also for pets like cats, Guinea pigs, parrots and hamsters.