Lamborghini debuts Luxury Smartphone, Introduces Alpha-One

High-end Sports car manufacturer Tonino Lamborghini released its maiden Mobile Phone in the market recently. The luxury smartphone runs on Android Nougat Operating System. Although, the specs of the phone are comparable to that of other top expensive smartphones’ in the consumer market, Lamborghini’s benchmark mobile phone, the Alpha-One, costs a whopping USD 2,450.
The company claims its body frame is made of an alloy stronger than titanium liquid metal, which is used to build Supercars. Alpha-One has a handmade black leather coating on its back. As reported, it is Italian leather, the finest handcrafted material. The Lamborghini Raging Bull is handcrafted at the back of the phone. The phone is claimed to design for the unique combination of design, fashion, and functionality. Lamborghini claims Alpha-One as the ‘first class product-luxury and exclusive style.’
The technical ensemble of the phone, however, is similar to other flagship smartphones such as Apple and Samsung’s. Running on Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, the smart phone supports two sim cards. It has fingerprint scanner and digital image stabilization. It’s dolby digital dual speaker offers a reasonably high-quality audio system. The phone has a 4 GB RAM and 64GB storage. The rear facing camera is 20-mega pixel and the front facing camera is 8 mega pixels. The phone has 5.5-inch HD display.
Alpha-One is currently available at Harrods, UK and in Levant Luxury Boutique Dubai Mall. Per officials, the selling locations are adding the value to the smartphone. The location as Harrods and Dubai Mall is regarded as a recognition of the product as a premium smartphone. The company will lookout for “selected distributors” to introduce Alpha-One to consumers around the world.