Knowing the differences between Mozart and Beethoven

When it comes to classical western music, Mozart and Beethoven are the two connoisseurs with the largest authorities. While, they are well known as the best classical music composures who walked on earth, there are sharp differences in their works. This makes adequate knowhow of these two masters imperative for a talk on music. Most of them represent music with quite a contrasting difference in style and formation. Any music lover, with even a little interest in music should know the general variations in music of these two masters.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a child prodigy who wrote his first piece at the age of 5 and dies at the age of 35.

While discussing the differences of music between Mozart and Beethoven, the first aspect is the time. Mozart played before Beethoven. The latter wanted to study Mozart as his foundation in music but followed Haydn. Even though, it is apparent that Beethoven still has his foundation in Mozart’s. Similarities between the two can be found in early works of Beethoven, but latter on, he became more complicated, drifting away in his own style.

The major differences in their music lies in the backdrop of their personalities. Mozart was a court musician who composed his first piece at the age of 5. His life was short lived and was pleasant for most of his 35 years. This is reflected in his music as they are clear, pleasant and light. Although he composed music depicting a wide range of moods, his creations feature easy, simple and balanced pieces.

Beethoven was a moody and lonely person, with several personal and physical issues in his life.

In contrast, Beethoven grew up as a lonely and moody person. He lost his hearing by the last years of his life beginning slowly by his late 20s. Surprisingly, most of his famous composition came up during the last years 15 years of his life, when he was close to being completely deaf. Thus, this complexity of his life and personality is abruptly apparent in his music. His compositions feature surprising changes in pitches and complex variations, which are not found in that of Mozart’s. His music was technically much complicated.

Any new learner would be able to follow Mozart. He was a child prodigy and his creations were more about the inspiring attributes of childhood and youth. They are pleasant to hear with perfect and distinct notes.

Beethoven began composing after reaching an adult age and got more famous as he grew older. His music is intense and accommodate a wide range of pitch. While, most of his music are not pleasant for ears, they keep audience engaged and fastened being of high technicality and highly dramatic. His compositions were surprisingly beautiful, while Mozart’s were calm and full of aesthetics.

A painting by Borckmann depicting Ludwig van Beethoven with his Rasowmowsky Quartet.

Therefore, followers of soothing music would have a natural likeness towards Mozart, while those using music as a therapy to their hardships and complexities of life will have a tendency towards Beethoven.

Some of the most famous creations of Mozart are Serenade No. 13 or “Eine Kleine Nacht-Musik”, translating as “a little night music” or “a little serenade”, Allergo or Symphony No. 40, 1st movement, The Marriage of Figaro, Rondo Alla Turca and others.

On the other hand, some of the most works of Beethoven are Fur Elise, Piano Sonata 15 Movement 1 or Pastoral, Piano Trio No. 7 Movement Three or Archduke, Piano Sonata 8 Movement Two or Pathetique and so on.

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