Kia and Volvo cars Tops Dependability Survey

Lately, in the JD Power Dependability Survey, Kia and Volvo topped the list of Top Reliable Cars of 2017 in UK. The survey listed the two manufacturers as UK’s most dependable vehicle. Other brands on the list are Skoda, Suzuki, and Hyundai. This left luxury manufacturers aside from the 5 top brands on the dependability survey. In fact, brands like Audi and BMW fell to the bottom of the chart. The only premium brand in the top 5-list is Volvo.
The Volvo V40 was rated as the best compact car. In this aspect, other brands with Volvo are Peugeot, Jaguar, Vauxhall, and Skoda. The Peugeot 108 won the Best City Car, Skoda Fabia as the Best Small car, Jaguar XF, the best luxury car, Vauxhall’s Meriva was as best small MVP and Insignia was rated as best mid-sized car in UK.
The survey was conducted to determine the issues faced by users per 100 vehicles. Kia and Volvo came out as the most dependable brands with a comparatively low score of 83 as issues per 100 cars. In contrast, Audi had 187 and BMW scored 198 in the same scale. It means, the number of issues per 100 cars is much more in Audi or BMW than in Kia or Volvo. 
In the survey, more than 12,000 owners participated with new vehicles registered from February 2014 to April 2016. Several aspects were included in the survey. The primary aspects were exterior and interior of the vehicle, driving experience, features, controls and displays, audio, communication, navigation and entertainment, quality of seats, heating and air conditioning, ventilation and lastly engine quality and transmission. The most common problem in cars are found to be infotainment connectivity, voice command, fuel economy and exterior issues.