Kangana Ranaut’s new Manali bungalow is worth a look

Bollywood celebrity Kangana Ranaut spent more than 20 Cr. for luxury make over of her bungalow.

The burgeoning purchasing power of Indians have become a recent subject of discussion across the globe as the nation’s economy growing with an impressive rate. Apart from those info-charts from various sources, governmental or non-governmental, the heightening lifestyle of Indian celebrities have also become a strong evidence of growing luxury in the country. Lately, an expensive property worth more than 30 Crores is buzzing in the gossip halls of Bollywood. The person in limelight for this property is Kangana Ranaut.

Lately, Ranaut’s new bungalow caught the headlines along with the sea facing apartment of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma. The Bollywood actor has spent more than a whopping 20 Cr. in a 10 Cr. bungalow at the outskirts of Manali, her hometown. The estate is located in a picturesque landscape of the town. The location provides an expressive view of the mighty Himalayas and it is cladded in snow for months in winter. The house is developed with European theme. It has eight bedrooms with attached balconies to each of them. The house also features rooftop glasses. The rooms ensure a beautiful view of the snowy peaks.

Another aspect in the house are the central fireplace, interior designing and expensive home décor collections. The interior designing is done by Shabnam Gupta. It is reported that Ranaut makes frequent visits to the new home to check the progress herself. She has already spent 29 Cr. on renovation of the building. The celebrity is now purchasing more expensive items like handicrafts and handlooms.

The bungalow originally costed 10 Cr., but it went through a luxury makeover of more than 20 Cr.

It is reported, Kangana Ranaut bought the property after the success of her movies Queen a couple of years back.