Jaguar V20E Unleashed as World’s Fastest Electric Motorboat

The V20E became the World Fastest Electric Motorboat reaching the speed of 142.6 kilometers per hour.

Jaguar rolled out its flagship electric water motor boat breaking all previous records by other manufacturers. It is for the first time when the auto-tech giant took on their track to water from road. Named as the Jaguar V20E, the motor boat broke previous world record in boat speed. The boat was piloted by Peter Dredge, co-founder and technical director of Jaguar Vector.

Tested on Coniston Water, England’s Lake District, it reached a maximum speed of 88.61 miles per hour or 142.6 kilometer per hour, surpassing the previous record was 122.8 km per hour by a massive leap. Reaching the peak speed, it is now fastest electric water boat in the world.

The watercraft uses technology developed by both Williams Advanced Engineering and Jaguar Vector. Thus, the new V20E is a joint collaboration of the two as well as Jaguar. It is believed that the speedboat is using the same power technology in Formula E by Jaguar and Williams. Jaguar V20E came up after years of research and development. It is powered by a 320-kilogram battery that delivers a total power of 220 kW. It has two Yasa motors on work.

The new craft might be just the sneak peak of Jaguar’s extended plan to become the star in electric water boat manufacturing as well. The company stated that over the next 18 months they will develop more technologies to push the boundaries of “performance and showcase British Engineering.”

Since a couple of years, Jaguar has been moving aggressively to electric segment. In a statement, the top car brand even announced that it will not produce combustion engines after 2020. Lately, Jaguar launched several all-electric cars. The Jaguar I-Pace series is a big hit and the new move to electric boat is a hit on the right spot.