Interesting Facts About The Grammy Songs Of The Year Award

It has been called music's biggest night, the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards take place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, and Song Of The Year is one of the most coveted prizes.

The Grammys recognition of the greatest song of the year is a little more complicated than most awards. ‘Song Of The Year’ rewards the songwriters who wrote and composed the song, but the awards also have ‘Record Of The Year’, a prize that goes to the singer and production team.

The list of this year nominations are:

·      Always Remember Us This Way (Lady Gaga)

·      Bad Guy (Billie Eilish)

·      Bring My Flowers Now (Tanya Tucker)

·      Hard Place (H.E.R.)

·      Lover (Taylor Swift)

·      Norman F***ing Rockwell (Lana Del Rey)

·      Someone You Loved (Lewis Capaldi)

·      Truth Hurts (Lizzo)

From Domenico Modugno's win for "Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare)" at the inaugural GRAMMY Awards for 1958 to Billie Eilish's win for "Bad Guy" at the 62nd GRAMMYs earlier this year, the Song Of The Year category has remained one of the highest honor achievable for songwriters for over six decades. Last year, This Is America by Childish Gambino won the Song Of The Year award.

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Ahead of the ceremony this year, here are some interesting facts about the Grammy Songs Of The Year Award.

1.    The Song of the Year awards has been awarded since 1959. It is one of the four most prestigious Grammy Awards.

2.    Song of the Year is awarded for a single or for one track from an album. This award goes to the songwriter who actually wrote the lyrics and/or melodies to the song. "Song" in this context means the song as composed, not it’s recording.

3.    National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences members nominate their choices for song of the year.

4.    Since the late 1960s other songwriter's awards have been presented for genre-specific categories including Grammy Award for Best Country Song (since 1965), Grammy Award for Best R&B Song (since 1969), Grammy Award for Best Song Written for Visual Media (since 1988), Grammy Award for Best Rock Song (since 1992), Grammy Award for Best Rap Song (since 2004), Grammy Award for Best Gospel Song (from 2006 to 2014), Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Christian Music Song (from 2012 to 2014), Grammy Award for Best American Roots Song (since 2014), Grammy Award for Best Gospel Performance/Song (since 2015), and Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song (since 2015).

5.    The songwriter's awards category was expanded to include eight nominees in 2019.