Innovative Two-Storey Dubai Creek Footbridge to be Built in Dubai

Manmade magic can be witnessed in Dubai. Now an innovative two-storey footbridge called the Dubai Creek Footbridge is set to be the latest cynosure of the dazzling city right beside the world’s tallest structure.

The bridge will join iconic landmarks including the world's tallest hotel and the Dubai Expo2020 lake in marking out the emirate city as one of the most architecturally creative destinations anywhere on the globe. 

It has been designed by IJP Architects and AKT II the two London-based companies with a 145-metre-span over the man-made canal in Dubai Creek Harbour and will feature a skyscraper centrepiece by Santiago Calatrava. 

To ensure a slim-line aesthetic the bridge will have a truss arch structure, composed of a web of high-strength steel, in which all its horizontal forces are contained within the arch itself. Other notable features that have been mooted include rotating balconies, vertiginous observation decks, and elevated gardens.

Once complete, the two-storey Dubai Creek Footbridge will provide visitors with views of the surrounding city and also Dubai Creek Tower on both levels.

Its lower level is intended for pedestrians and provides shade from the sun, while the upper deck will be primarily used as a route for golf carts and cyclists.

According to the team, the structure's curved profile is modelled on the lily flower and the minarets that are typical of traditional Islamic architecture.